126th Canton Fair Unveils User-Friendly Consumer Products for Green Lifestyle

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This 126th Canton Fair became a focal point for the roll-out of furniture, toys, gifts and consumer goods that appeal to a global trend towards merchandise in line with an environmentally responsible lifestyle. Showcases of new products with cutting-edge technologies and advanced innovative cross-functionalities have resulted in an increase in exports from China to the international market.

126th Canton Fair Unveils User-Friendly Consumer Products for Green Lifestyle

“A connection between China and the world of business, the Canton Fair is moving from a trade platform to a comprehensive showcase to promote Chinese innovation in producing cutting-edge, user-friendly consumer goods,” said Maggie Pu, Deputy Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office at the Canton Fair.

New Product Development Focuses on Customization

Ceramics have become a highlight of Chinese retail exports with increasing expansion into the international market through the Fair. China’s ceramics exports through the end of August this year amounted to USD 4.346 billion, an increase of 9.85 percent year-on-year, with total volume reaching 1.41 million tons. Chinese ceramics witness stable export to many market segments in Europe and the U.S, while also seeing significant growth in the Middle East and Africa. A delegation of 148 manufacturers of ceramics-based goods from Chaozhou in Guangdong Province have introduced premium products which combine features desired by consumers with heightened production efficiency.

Guangdong Songfa Ceramics has installed an automated production line to further enhance the quality of its output, while customizing the design to each market segment. Its improvement in raw material R&D and technology as well as in the final design has resulted in a substantial jump in buyer interest.

Another highlight at this year’s Canton Fair was Shanghai Jahwa United, a firm that regularly rolls out more than 500 new products every year. According to Kevin Chen, Jahwa’s Assistant Director of Overseas Business, their new baby care series that integrates playful toy features into the product lineup is an example of making the user’s experience a focal point in product research and development.

Kitchen Supplies Aim for a Green Design

In light of some uncertainties in the market, kitchen utensils makers, with their export volume still reaching USD 18.791 billion, a year-on-year 8.2 percent increase for the first eight months of 2019, have shown strong innovation in design to meet customer expectations. Aelga Housewares from Qingdao in Shandong province has switched to using water-based paint instead of glue, highlighting an environmentally responsible material in daily use.

Eko Group, a Canton Fair Design Awards winner, is helping buyers “go green” with a roll-out of smart houseware. The product lineup they displayed at the Fair included a pedal trash can featuring an antibacterial design, enabling an easy change of garbage bags, as well as a voice-controlled trash can that can help sort garbage.

“We have shown our creative products to the world through the Canton Fair and they have been widely received by our friends outside of China,” said James Chen, President of Eko Group.

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