Quantexa Positioned by Global Risk Analyst Firm Chartis as a Category Leader in 2023 RiskTech 100 Report for Trade-Based Money Laundering Solutions

Chartis also gave top ranking to Quantexa’s Entity Resolution solution – addressing key data management challenges that are costing financial institutions millions

LONDON, Dec. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Quantexa, a global leader in Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, announced that their Decision Intelligence Platform has been recognized as a category leader in the Chartis RiskTech100 report for Trade-Based Anti-Money Laundering Solutions (TBAML). Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform has also been recognized by Chartis as a category leader in the recently released Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems, Entity Management and Analytics Quadrant report.

RiskTech 100: Trade-Based Anti-Money Laundering Solutions
The 2023 RiskTech100 report ranks the world’s major players in risk and compliance technology. In the Trade-based money laundering (TBML) category Quantexa was named as a category leader for data support of their enterprise solution. The Quantexa Trade AML Solution was also ranked for depth of typology coverage, breadth of analytical techniques and workflow.

Today’s Anti-money laundering efforts face many growing and unresolved challenges. In a digital and globalized world, criminals are using a wide range of strategies to be successful – making context a critical factor in the ability to accurately detect trade-based money laundering. By unifying internal and external data sources and scaling to understand billions of transactions, Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform helps organizations create a holistic view of transactional, customer, and counterparty information. Quantexa’s approach to TBAML provides more accurate and efficient detection so organizations can reduce risk, assure compliance, and protect their reputation. Increased alert quality and automation, combined with reducing the volume of false positives helps organizations gain efficiencies and do more with the resources they already have.

Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: Entity Resolution
Quantexa’s dynamic Entity Resolution Solution capability that is a critical part of its industry leading Decision Intelligence Platform was recognized for coverage, scalability, data enrichment, depth and breadth of data sources supported.

Quantexa’s Entity Resolution Solution is an advanced data matching capability that connects disparate and ambiguous internal and external data at scale. Entity Resolution creates focused and complete views of people, organizations, places, and other data delivering game changing data quality and match rate accuracy. Quantexa also supports ‘dynamic entity resolution’, which gives unique flexibility across multiple use cases and informs granular and extensive security protocols.

Decision Intelligence Platform
Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform gives enterprises the ability to unify their data by connecting siloed sources and systems, providing the context needed to visualize the complex relationships that enable previously hidden risk to be discovered. Quantexa’s unique entity resolution technology can connect the most disparate and ambiguous internal and external data at scale to create single, complete views of people, organizations, places, and other data with 99% accuracy, handling poor quality data with exceptional performance. The result is a single view of data that becomes their most trusted and reusable resource across the organization.

Chartis Chief Researcher Sidhartha Dash said:

“Quantexa’s increasingly mature solutions and their strong implementations in large financial institutions leveraging network-based concepts, drove their rise in the RiskTech 100 as well as their leadership in TBAML and Entity Management quadrants.”

Quantexa Chief Product Officer Dan Higgins added:

“Quantexa is delighted to be included in the RiskTech 100 report, positioned very strongly amongst an esteemed list of enterprise solution providers. At Quantexa, we are keenly aware that criminals are hiding in plain sight and that traditional monitoring systems and manual controls just can’t handle today’s complexity, scale of activity and the underlying regulatory shifts, in particular the focus on counterparty risk, as well as customers. The usage of contextual monitoring to detect and manage the holistic financial crime and fraud risks within International Trade, including the identification of prerequisites such as underlying collusion, the presence of shell companies and professional money laundering gatekeeps and enablers has been a defining factor in Quantexa’s success in this space.”


Quantexa is a global data and analytics software company pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence that empowers organizations to make trusted operational decisions by making data meaningful. Using the latest advancements in big data and AI, Quantexa’s platform uncovers hidden risk and new opportunities by providing a contextual, connected view of internal and external data in a single place. It solves major challenges across data management, KYC, customer intelligence, financial crime, risk, fraud, and security, throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform enhances operational performance with over 90% more accuracy and 60 times faster analytical model resolution than traditional approaches. Founded in 2016, Quantexa now has more than 500 employees and thousands of users working with billions of transactions and data points across the world. The company has offices in London, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Brussels, Toronto, Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney. For more information, contact Quantexa here or follow us on LinkedIn.


Chartis is a research and advisory firm that provides technology and business advice to the global risk management industry. Chartis provides independent market intelligence regarding market dynamics, regulatory trends, technology trends, best practices, competitive landscapes, market sizes, expenditure priorities, and mergers and acquisitions. Chartis’ RiskTech Quadrant reports are written by experienced analysts with hands-on experience of selecting, developing, and implementing risk management systems for a variety of international companies in a range of industries, including banking, insurance, capital markets, energy, and the public sector.

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Synchronoss Announces More Than 30 Million RCS-Based Messaging Subscribers in Japan

Leveraging the Synchronoss Advanced Messaging Platform, NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, and SoftBank Deliver Cross-Operator Advanced Messaging Service Enabling Users and Brands to Communicate, Interact, and Transact

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Dec. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (“Synchronoss” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SNCR), a global leader and innovator in cloud, messaging and digital products and platforms, today announced a new milestone in Japan for its Synchronoss Advanced Messaging platform. In collaboration with mobile operators NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, and SoftBank, the Japanese consortium now supports 32.5 million subscribers of +Message, the cross-operator RCS service powered by Synchronoss Advanced Messaging.

The current milestone represents a 62 percent increase in subscribers since Synchronoss noted the progress of the Japanese consortium’s deployment of its Rich Communications Service (RCS) in November 2020.

Offering a feature-rich text messaging system, +Messaging allows Japanese users to communicate with friends and family, in addition to providing the capability to interact and engage with brands and businesses safely and securely.

The consortium’s +Messaging service is powered by Synchronoss Advanced Messaging, an end-to-end platform and mobile commerce suite that allows operators to deliver an advanced messaging ecosystem. Synchronoss Advanced Messaging connects brands and content providers with subscribers, offering new ways to communicate and transact commerce.

“The adoption of more than 30 million +Messaging subscribers in Japan further validates the value of RCS and how mobile operators can utilize it to offer new revenue-generating services,” said Yosuke Morioka, General Manager, Japan, at Synchronoss. “We look forward to working with NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, and SoftBank to explore additional market opportunities for this feature-rich technology platform.”

It is signification that +Message currently is available for all the mobile phone brands of the three operators and MVNO. In addition, it now supports public personal identification (JPKI) with My Number cards, allowing the users to open a bank account or use a credit card with easy and secure verification of the identity via +Message, delivering more engaging experiences within the mobile ecosystem.

About Synchronoss

Synchronoss Technologies (NASDAQ: SNCR) builds software that empowers companies around the world to connect with their subscribers in trusted and meaningful ways. The company’s collection of products helps streamline networks, simplify onboarding, and engage subscribers to unleash new revenue streams, reduce costs and increase speed to market. Hundreds of millions of subscribers trust Synchronoss products to stay in sync with the people, services, and content they love. Learn more at www.synchronoss.com.

Media Relations Contact:
Domenick Cilea

Investor Relations Contact:
Matt Glover / Tom Colton
Gateway Group, Inc.

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Activant la « Vision 2040 d’Oman », PowerChina établit de nouvelles normes en matière d’énergie renouvelable avec le projet photovoltaïque Ibri à Oman

PÉKIN21 décembre 2022/PRNewswire/ — Un reportage de haiwainet.cn :

Selon un rapport publié récemment par le World Government Summit, Oman, la Jordanie, la Tunisie, les Émirats arabes unis, l’Algérie et le Maroc ont pris l’initiative d’atteindre 60 % des Objectifs de développement durable (ODD) pour 2030.

Depuis le lancement de la « Vision 2040 d’Oman », Oman encourage la coopération internationale dans le domaine des énergies renouvelables. En janvier 2022, le plus grand projet d’énergie renouvelable d’Oman, le projet photovoltaïque Ibri d’Oman, entrepris par PowerChina, a été achevé.

Il s’agit du plus grand projet photovoltaïque d’Oman à l’heure actuelle ; sa puissance installée atteint les 607 MW et la production annuelle d’électricité atteint les 1 598 GWh, ce qui peut couvrir la consommation annuelle d’électricité de 50 000 ménages locaux. Il est crucial de sécuriser l’approvisionnement en énergie et de diversifier la structure énergétique d’Oman.

La construction d’une centrale photovoltaïque à grande échelle dans le désert nécessite non seulement de tenir compte des températures extrêmes en été, mais aussi des conditions géologiques complexes et des tempêtes de poussière. Pendant les tempêtes, une épaisse couche de poussière s’accumule sur les panneaux photovoltaïques, ce qui diminue l’efficacité de la production d’énergie.

Pour faire face aux tempêtes de poussière, l’équipe du projet a fait une tentative innovante : installer des robots de nettoyage intelligents sur les panneaux. Les robots nettoieront automatiquement la poussière qui recouvre les panneaux. Ce projet combine pour la première fois le système de suivi photovoltaïque et le système de nettoyage automatique ; il améliore grandement l’efficacité de la production d’énergie et réduit les coûts d’exploitation et d’entretien, établissant de nouvelles normes pour l’exploitation et l’entretien des centrales électriques à grande échelle au Moyen-Orient.

PowerChina a obtenu 41 brevets pour des inventions et des modèles d’utilité, terminé une monographie et a publié 8 articles scientifiques dans le cadre de ce projet. Dans le même temps, l’énergie propre produite par le projet photovoltaïque Ibri d’Oman devrait réduire les émissions de carbone de 340 000 tonnes par an, contribuant ainsi à lutter contre le changement climatique et à atteindre la neutralité carbone.

Regional Bureau for West and Central Africa Persons of Concern (as of 30 November 2022)

The total population of concern (PoC) to UNHCR in West and Central Africa (WCA) relates to the people UNHCR is mandated to protect and assist. It includes those who have been forcibly displaced; those who have returned home within recent years; those who are stateless or at risk of statelessness; and other groups to whom UNHCR has extended its protection or assisted on a humanitarian basis.

The total of 1.6 million refugees represents a 7% increase over a year. Chad hosts the largest number of refugees in the region with 36%. Cameroon is the second largest refugee-hosting country in the region with 31%. CAR, Sudan, and Nigeria are the main countries of origin (together 77%) of the region’s refugees with a contribution of 30%, 25%, and 22% respectively.

The number of internally displaced rose to 7.6 million. Nigeria hosts 42% of IDP population in the region. Burkina Faso is the second largest country in terms of IDPs (23%).

The Lake Chad Basin hosts 37% of forcibly displaced population in West and Central Africa. Central Sahel hosts the second largest number (32%) with the majority being Internally Displaced Persons in Burkina Faso (60%).

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Argentina only No. 2 in new FIFA rankings led by Brazil

Manama, Winning the World Cup was not enough to lift Argentina atop the FIFA with Brazil keeping the No. 1 position on Thursday.

Brazil was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Croatia but built enough rankings points from results over recent years that feed into FIFA’s calculation.

Argentina moved up one place to No. 2 and beaten finalist France also rose one to No. 3, reports AP.

Belgium is still at No. 4, a fall of two places, to advance from the group stage. England and the Netherlands, both beaten quarterfinalists, stay at Nos. 5 and 6 respectively.

Croatia climbed five places to No. 7. European champion Italy is at No. 8 despite failing to qualify for the World Cup.

Morocco is the best-placed African nation at No. 11, up 11 places, for its historic run to the semifinals.

The United States at No. 13 is the best of the CONCACAF region teams, rising three places after advancing to the round of 16. Mexico is No. 15.

Japan leads the Asian confederation teams at No. 20, up four places, and Australia rises 11 places to No. 27. Both reached the round of 16.

Cameroon, which beat Brazil in the group stage, rose 10 places to be No. 33.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

Teresa Efua Asansono chairs meeting of Senate Continuity Table

The members making up the Senate Continuity Table, led by its President, Teresa Efua Asangono, met on Wednesday 21st December to reorganise the programme for the upcoming consultative meeting of the Upper Chamber.

The meeting, which took place in the multi-purpose hall at the administrative complex of the institution, allowed those present to discuss the Senate’s contribution during the opening session of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, in addition to other points included in the programme for the ceremony.

This opening session takes place thirty days after the announcement of the results from the general elections, as provided for in Article 62 of the Basic Law of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and the Internal Regulations of the Senate in Article 2, paragraph 1, contained in Chapter 2.

The Senate’s opening ceremony, which will take place in the near future, will serve to identify the representatives of the people who have been elected for each electoral constituency, the appointed and ex officio representatives, in addition to the appointment of the members who will make up the Table of the Upper House of Parliament for the third legislature.

In other business, he members of the Continuity Table also took the opportunity to assess the legislative activities carried out during the second legislature, which culminated in the presidential, legislative and municipal elections held on 20th November.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

Decree appointing Agustín Mba Obama

We are publishing the full contents of the presidential decree appointing Agustín Mba Obama as Minister-Adviser at the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Embassy in The Republic of Gabon.



DECREE No. 128/2022, of 24th November, Appointing AGUSTIN MBA OBAMA ASANGONO as Minister-Adviser at the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Embassy in The Republic of Gabon.

With respect to the circumstances met by this person, and using the faculties granted to me under Article 41, subparagraph h of Basic State Law, I hereby appoint AGUSTIN MBA OBAMA ASANGONO as Minister-Adviser at the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Embassy in The Republic of Gabon.

I thus order through this Decree, issued in Malabo on the twenty-fourth day of the month of November, two thousand and twenty-two.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

Meeting of REMAPSEN Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission of the African Media Environmental and Health Promotion Network (REMAPSEN) held a virtual meeting on Wednesday 21st December, to discuss issues related to the new commission assigned to climate change.

The network’s president, Youssouf Bamba, reminded participants that REMAPSEN is not a network of journalists but a network of media, “because as journalists we form part of a media structure”. Youssouf Bamba also identified the expectations of the executive committee regarding the environmental commission.

According to him, each member must first improve environmental information in their country; produce content; and contribute to the implementation of environmental projects.

The management structure of the environmental commission, headed by Line Renée Batongué, a journalist from CRTV in Cameroon, was also presented.

The meeting was also a chance for the members of the commission to introduce themselves and talk about their activities.

Other information provided by Youssouf Bamba covered the media and climate change meeting scheduled for 8th-11th May 2023, in Yaounde, Cameroon; the media forum on child health in Africa, to be held in Guinea Conakry, in October 2023; a media forum on RS/FP in Kinshasa in 2024 and another meeting in Accra (Ghana) or Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) on plastic waste.

Bamba also wanted to hold a meeting of commission members every quarter.

In conclusion, President Youssouf Bamba expressed his best wishes for the new year.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government