Nikkiso Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group Announces Expansion of Service for Middle East and Northern Africa

Nikkiso CE&IG new Service Facility for Middle East and Northern Africa

Nikkiso CE&IG new Service Facility for Middle East and Northern Africa, based in Sharjah Free Zone

TEMECULA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nikkiso Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group (“Group”), a part of the Nikkiso Co., Ltd (Japan) group of companies, is proud to announce yet another expansion of their manufacturing and service capabilities for the Middle East and Northern Africa markets. With this expansion, they will be providing pump and turboexpander aftermarket repairs of their full line, including J.C. Carter pumps. Their new state-of-the-art service center will allow repairs to be made locally rather than the need to ship elsewhere.

The new facility, based in the Sharjah Free Zone, was established to provide expanded support for the Middle East and Northern Africa markets. They have added field service support, and shop technicians specifically trained to support Marine, J.C. Carter, Nikkiso Cryogenic Pumps (ACD and Nikkiso Cryo) and Turboexpanders. In addition to in-shop and on-site repairs, they will provide aftermarket service.

“With this facility, we will be able to respond more quickly to our customer’s needs, providing individual support and solutions expansion. Nikkiso CE&IG will now be able to provide greater service and support to our customers with our local presence,” according to Jim Estes, President of Nikkiso Cryogenic Services.

This expansion represents their commitment to and support of the growth of the Middle Eastern and North African market.

Cryogenic Industries, Inc. (now a member of Nikkiso Co., Ltd.) member companies manufacture and service engineered cryogenic gas processing equipment (pumps, turboexpanders, heat exchangers, etc.) and process plants for Industrial Gases, and Natural Gas Liquefaction (LNG), Hydrogen Liquefaction (LH2) and Organic Rankine Cycle for Waste Heat Recovery. Founded over 50 years ago, Cryogenic Industries is the parent company of ACD, Nikkiso Cryo, Nikkiso Integrated Cryogenic Solutions, Cosmodyne and Cryoquip and a commonly controlled group of 20 operating entities.

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The West should stop taking advantage of Africa – Equatorial Guinea VP

MALABO— Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Equatorial Guinea’s vice-president has asked the West to stop taking advantage of Africa.

He was lamenting how the French telecom operator Orange SA had “fraudulently” giving the oil-rich country’s .gq domain name to the Netherlands.

According to him, doing so had forced his country’s institutions to pay to use the domain.

His views were contained in two tweets he posted on Jan 26, the first tweet said Equatorial Guinea had “discovered that the French from the Orange company engaged in fraudulent manipulation by ceding our domain #gq to the Dutch.

“Now, we have to pay them to use our own domain, which makes it challenging to set up an institutional website with gq for the country.”

The second contained his direct accusation of the West: “What have we done to France for it to plunder African countries in this manner? We are once again hindered by their trickery. The West should stop taking advantage of Africa,” he added.

Orange SA has not responded to the claims.

Obiang Mangue, a former agric minister is on record to have accused Spain, France and the US of interfering in his country’s internal affairs.

In 2020, a French court fined him 30m euros for embezzling public funds, giving him a suspended jail term and ordering the confiscation of his assets.

The .gq domain name was launched in 1997 by Equatorial Guinean mobile operator Getesa and is reported to be prone to spam, phishing and other malicious use.


Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ address at the “Hellenic-Indian Friendship Event” organised by the Secretariat General for Greeks Abroad & Public Diplomacy (30.01.2023)

Dear Minister,

Dear Secretary General,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is such a great pleasure that I am participating in today’s event on Greek-Indian friendship, organised by the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy, my dear friend, Mr Chrysoulakis. May I avail myself of the opportunity to welcome Mrs Lekhi on your official visit to Athens.

This event on Greek-Indian friendship is another tangible proof of the strategic level of our relations with India. The enhancement of our bilateral relations has been a priority for the Greek foreign policy and, allow me to say, for me personally.

Over the last two years, the frequent bilateral visits and meetings, such as the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India, Dr. Jaishankar to Athens in June 2021, my visit to New Delhi in March 2022, the 8th Session of Greece-India Joint Economic Committee/Signing of Protocol in April 2022, are concrete steps which further promote our strong ties.

And allow me, please, on this occasion, to applaud the innovative initiative by the women of our two peoples; active both in the business and, very important, in the cultural sectors. An initiative that established the Greek peer of WICCI that will serve as a bridge of continued interaction and inventiveness.

Last but not least, today marks the commemoration of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. If you walk out of this building, less than 100 metres, you will see his statue which we inaugurated with Dr. Jaishankar, back when he visited Athens in 2021. I think every human being pays tribute to this prominent Indian political figure. It is a legacy for us all.

Thank you so much.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic

Meeting of 37 African States on UN nuclear ban treaty underway in South Africa

PRETORIA— The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) Deputy Minister, Alvin Botes, on Monday, opened the African Regional Seminar on the Universalisation of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), which is currently underway in Pretoria.

The seminar is co-hosted by the DIRCO, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and includes the participation of 37 African States.

The TPNW, according to the department, is a landmark agreement in the history of nuclear disarmament and represents the desire for Member States of the United Nations (UN) to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

TPNW intends to further stigmatise and delegitimise nuclear weapons based on the adverse and indefensible humanitarian consequences of their use.

The Treaty emphasises the humanitarian consequences of the use of such weapons.

“African States played a critical role during the open-ended working group on nuclear disarmament that culminated in the negotiation and adoption of the TPNW by the vast majority of UN Member States in July 2017.”

This is by the declaration of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) as far back as 1964 for the Denuclearisation of Africa, and the establishment of the African Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty, also known as the Pelindaba Treaty, adopted in 1997.

The TPNW and the Pelindaba Treaty express the prohibition of nuclear weapons on the African continent while supporting the continued use of nuclear technologies for peaceful uses that contributes to socio-economic development.

The African Regional Seminar will take stock of the TPNW from a regional perspective and consider the need for further progress towards universalisation of the Treaty on the continent.

“This will entail raising awareness about the TPNW, its importance for the African States, its place in the global and regional peace and security architecture as well as to highlight discussions about the risks posed by nuclear weapons and their catastrophic humanitarian consequences.”

Universalisation of the TPNW maximises the authority of the Treaty, strengthens its core norms and principles and underscores the de-legitimization of nuclear weapons and nuclear deterrence.

Deputy Minister Botes stressed that: “For a majority of non-nuclear armed States, especially African States, the risks of the use of nuclear weapons and the scale of the humanitarian consequences that would follow, make nuclear disarmament an urgent priority. South Africa’s own experience has shown that neither the possession nor the pursuit of nuclear weapons can enhance international peace and security”.

According to Botes, the continued retention of nuclear weapons based on the perceived security interests of some States comes at the expense of the rest of humanity.

He said South Africa’s commitment to disarmament is based on the belief that international peace and security cannot be divorced from development.

“South Africa continues to play a leading role in organising the implementation of the Treaty and calls upon African States to sign and ratify the TPNW at the earliest possible opportunity and thus reassert Africa’s leadership in nuclear disarmament and contributing to international peace and security,” he added.

The Executive Director of ICAN, Beatrice Fihn, said: “By coming to Pretoria for this meeting, the States here are reinforcing their commitment to a world without nuclear weapons and providing needed leadership on nuclear disarmament at a time when, for the first time in many years, we are faced with the very real and deeply concerning the possibility of a nuclear weapon being used in conflict.”

Head of Pretoria Delegation of the ICRC, Jules Amoti, defined nuclear weapons as being one of the biggest threats to humanity.

“Their catastrophic humanitarian consequences for all life on our planet are today well-known, and so are the immense risks their continued existence entails. The complete elimination of nuclear weapons is an urgent humanitarian imperative, and for all those States that are party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, it is also a legal duty,” he added.


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostas Fragogiannis’ speech at the Greek – Japanese Business Forum (Tokyo, 31.01.2023)

Distinguished members of the two Delegations,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am extremely happy and greatly honored to address today’s Greek-Japanese Business Forum being held here in Tokyo, almost three months after the fruitful visit in Athens of the high-level delegation of KEIDANREN, and the numerous contacts between Greek and Japanese businesses that took place then.

It is evident that this exchange of business delegations, within such a short period of time, underlines both the interest of our countries in furthering our economic and trade relations as well as the existing potential in the field.

I am also very proud – I have to admit – to be given the opportunity to present to you, together with my colleagues at the economic team of the government and PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself, the great news about the Greek economy and the current status of Greece as a reliable, strategic partner and as an attractive investment destination in Europe and Eastern Mediterranean.

Because it is true, that despite the unfavorable – to say the least – global economic environment, as a result of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the ensuing rising energy prices, supply disruptions and high inflation, Greece’s economy is sending out a message of optimism and hope.

Greece and our national economy is finally shifting towards a more sustainable path for growth. The continuous upgrades of the country’s credit rating by the major credit rating agencies, as well as the recent 7-year, 10-year & 15-year bond issues – all successful – confirm that our country is moving towards self-sufficiency and market-based funding. The return to economic growth in 2021, coupled with the inflows of substantial European funds via “Greece 2.0” Recovery Plan and the large amount of unused capital capacity, offer significant scope for the revival of private investment.

Distinguished members of the two Delegations, Ladies and gentlemen,

Greece and Japan share a long history of cooperation as bonds of friendship, common values and principles have helped us forge an honest partnership. This partnership was given new impetus in 2022, with the high-level visits to Japan of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Dendias, in April and the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Varvitsiotis, in September.

In 2021, our bilateral trade volume reached 416 million €, growing by 15% within the first 9 months of 2022. This increase is indicative of the positive prospects in our commercial cooperation. Especially after the signing of the EU – Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which guarantees Japanese companies’ unhindered access to the European market, we expect the bilateral economic and trade relations in the coming years to flourish. In this light, we consider the Greek participation in the Osaka 2025 World EXPO an ideal opportunity to promote our economic cooperation.

Furthermore, as prominent maritime states, Greece and Japan are developing significant links. The cooperation between the Greek shipping community and the Japanese shipbuilding industry sets a great example thereof. Given that Greek ship-owners have proven their trust in the Japanese shipyards for more than 70 years, we expect Japanese shipbuilders to increase their interest towards Greek shipping equipment manufacturers.

The importance attached by both sides to their maritime sector is easily reflected on the steady and high-level presence of Japan in the annual Maritime Exhibition “Poseidonia” held in our biggest port, Pireas.

Regarding tourism, we look forward to further promoting cooperation in specialized forms of tourism, taking into consideration the preferences of the Japanese people. To this end we welcome the Memorandum of Cooperation on Tourism we just signed during our visit here in Tokyo and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation. And I think, we also agree that the reinstatement of direct flights between Greece and Japan is a priority, as it will not only facilitate the two way flow of tourists, but will also boost economic and trade cooperation.

In terms of investment, Greece is currently an appealing country for investment in various sectors, namely logistics, transportation, real estate, tourism, agri-food, energy, pharmaceuticals. Our focus is to make the best use of the tools offered by the EU Recovery and Resilience Fund, while our New Development Law provides for a series of incentives. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan «Greece 2.0» allows for co-financing (with European Institutions such as the European Investment Bank, EIB and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD) of investment loans on innovation, green economy and digital transition.

In this light, we call upon Japanese companies wishing to invest in Greece to profit from the relevant opportunities. I would like to personally invite Japanese businessmen to show their interest in the Greek market, where there are opportunities for suitable partners and profitable ventures.

Distinguished members of the two delegations,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to conclude my short welcome by expressing optimism that this visit will contribute significantly to the strengthening of our cooperation and lead to the forging of a stronger and lasting partnership, adding to the long-term bonds of honest friendship among our peoples.

A sincere thanks to the people who worked hard to prepare today’s Forum and my best wishes for a successful and fruitful exchange of thoughts and proposals and initiation of potential partnerships.

Thank you.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic

Mindray présente ses solutions hospitalières intelligentes à Arab Health 2023

DUBAÏ, Émirats arabes unis30 janvier 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mindray (« l’entreprise »), l’un des principaux fournisseurs mondiaux de dispositifs médicaux et de solutions médicales, participe à l’un des salons les plus importants et les plus respectés du domaine médical, Arab Health 2023 du 30 janvier au 2 février. L’entreprise a présenté ses solutions médicales et sa technologie révolutionnaire à plus de 50 000 visiteurs au Dubai World Trade Centre.

« En tant que partenaire de confiance pour la fourniture de solutions complètes pour les établissements de santé, Mindray repousse les limites de l’innovation pour contribuer à un écosystème médical intelligent. Cette année, nous sommes ravis de présenter nos solutions hospitalières intelligentes à un public mondial. Avec des innovations plus avancées s’adaptant au domaine médical, nous renforcerons les systèmes de santé locaux au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique », a déclaré Kewen Xu, directeur général de Mindray RDM.

L’hôpital intelligent de Mindray vise à créer un écosystème médical où les dispositifs médicaux sont intégrés dans des scénarios cliniques. Ce système relie l’ensemble des parcours préhospitaliers, intrahospitaliers et interhospitaliers des patients et permet aux appareils d’appoint de se connecter et de fonctionner de façon fluide, de faire circuler les données entre les différents services et hôpitaux, et d’améliorer l’efficacité du travail des cliniciens.

Parmi la gamme complète de produits Mindray, des solutions pour les services des urgences, les blocs opératoires, les USI, la RRAC, des solutions d’imagerie médicale et d’orthopédie sont présentées sur le stand ; la solution informatique M-Connect et la solution informatique d’imagerie médicale MiCo+ ont attiré beaucoup d’attention. À l’aide d’une interface standard, la solution informatique M-Connect permet de surveiller le patient tout en optimisant le flux de travail et en améliorant l’efficacité. Toutes les données peuvent être affichées, analysées, associées à des alarmes et communiquées à un système tiers pour obtenir un aperçu plus complet de l’état de santé du patient. De même, la solution informatique d’imagerie médicale MiCo+ relie plusieurs modalités et établissements médicaux, permettant un diagnostic à distance et une consultation en ligne pour fournir un meilleur service d’imagerie médicale.

Le système portable de surveillance des patients mWear, le système de perfusion BeneFusion i/u, le défibrillateur BeneHeart D30/D60 et la lampe chirurgicale série HyLED C ont tous été dévoilés lors du salon de cette année en tant que nouveautés du catalogue de l’entreprise pour la surveillance des patients et la réanimation. De plus, Mindray introduit un certain nombre de systèmes d’imagerie médicale tels que l’échographe portable sans fil TE Air, l’échographe diagnostique de la série TEX 20 et l’échographe diagnostique de la gamme Consona N9.

Les visiteurs du salon peuvent également observer comment les défibrillateurs automatiques externes (DEA) de la série BeneHeart C de Mindray sont déployés dans divers établissements d’une ville et manipulés via le système de gestion à distance des DEA de l’entreprise, qui peut suivre l’état de chaque DEA en temps réel, notamment leur emplacement et leur niveau de batterie, et qui simplifie la gestion de l’ensemble de la flotte d’appareils. Il fait partie des solutions d’urgence préhospitalières et permet d’encourager les initiatives pour la santé cardiaque, telles que l’initiative Dubai Heart Safe City menée par la ville hôte pour promouvoir la santé cardiaque.

Les visiteurs sont invités à s’arrêter au stand Mindray au #S1 A10 pendant la durée du salon pour voir ces solutions médicales et bien d’autres. Après Arab Health 2023, Mindray participera également au Medlab Middle East les 6 et 9 février, où elle présentera ses solutions holistiques en diagnostic in vitro.

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Mindray Demonstrates Its Smart Hospital Solutions at Arab Health 2023

DUBAI, UAE, Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mindray (“the company”), a leading global provider of medical devices and solutions, is attending one of the largest and most respected exhibitions in the medical field, the Arab Health 2023 from Jan. 30 to Feb. 2. The company has exhibited its medical solutions and groundbreaking technology to over 50,000 visitors at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

“As a trusted partner in providing comprehensive solutions for healthcare facilities, Mindray is pushing the boundaries of innovation to contribute to an intelligent medical ecosystem. This year, we’re delighted to present our smart hospital solutions to global audience. With more advanced innovations adapting to the medical field, we will better empower local healthcare systems in the Middle East and Africa region,” said Kewen Xu, General Manager of Mindray ROW region.

Mindray’s Smart Hospital aims to create a medical ecosystem where medical devices are integrated into clinical scenarios. This system links the entire pre-hospital, intra-hospital, and inter-hospital journeys of patients and allows beside devices to connect and perform seamlessly, achieving data sharing between departments and hospitals, and enabling clinicians to work together more effectively.

Among Mindray’s comprehensive product portfolio from ER, OR, ICU, ERAS, Medical Imaging solutions to Orthopedics solutions at the booth, the M-Connect IT solution and MiCo+ Medical Imaging IT solution attract much attention. Utilizing a standard interface, the M-Connect IT solution provides patient-centric monitoring to optimize clinical workflow and improve efficiency. All data can be displayed, analyzed, alarmed and reported to a third-party system for a more comprehensive picture of patient health. Likewise, MiCo+ medical imaging IT Solution connects multiple modalities and medical institutions, allowing for remote diagnosis and online consultation to provide better medical imaging service.

The mWear Wearable Patient Monitor, the BeneFusion i/u Infusion System, the BeneHeart D30/D60 Defibrillator, and the HyLED C series Surgical Light were all unveiled at this year’s expo as new additions to the company’s products for patient monitoring and life support. Additionally, Mindray is introducing a number of medical imaging systems such as the TE Air Wireless Handheld Ultrasound System, TEX 20 Series Diagnostic Ultrasound System, and Consona N9 Diagnostic Ultrasound System.

Expo visitors can also see how Mindray’s BeneHeart C Series automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are deployed in various establishments throughout a city and managed through the company’s Remote AED Management system, which can track each AED’s status in real-time, including its location and battery level, and simplifies management of the entire fleet of devices. As a part of the pre-hospital emergency solution, it empowers heart health initiatives such as the host city’s Dubai Heart Safe City, aiding in the promotion of cardiac health.

Visitors are encouraged to stop by the Mindray booth at #S1 A10 during the expo to see these and other medical solutions. Following Arab Health 2023, Mindray will also participate at Medlab Middle East on Feb. 6-9, where they will be presenting their holistic solutions in In-Vitro Diagnostics.

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Jetex London welcomes the world as the brand’s newest FBO is now fully operational.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Located at Hangar 510 at Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB/BQH), Jetex London has commenced full commercial operations and is welcoming international private jet flyers to the United Kingdom capital.

London Biggin Hill is a private airport which caters exclusively for aircraft in business and private aviation. 2022 was the strongest year ever for the airport, with more than 26,000 movements (up from 18,900 in 2021). It is recognized as a global center of excellence and the second private jet operation in the U.K. with 23% of London’s market share after Farnborough (31%) and ahead of Luton (22%). The airport typically connects flights to more than 750 destinations across over 70 countries.

Jetex London is conveniently located just nine miles from Canary Wharf and 15 miles from Central London, with helicopter transfers taking passengers to and from the heart of the British capital in just six minutes, with limousine transfers taking less than 50 minutes.

The modern airport runway (1,806 meters) allows most aircraft to operate without payload or range restrictions, including non-stop transatlantic flights.

“We are pleased with our arrival in London. Jetex already has a strong presence in Europe with a flagship private jet terminal at Paris Le Bourget, and the new flagship Jetex London is a natural evolution of our operations. Private flyers will enjoy a seamless travel experience complemented by the greatest levels of luxury hospitality, while employing the latest technology will allow us to minimize carbon footprint.”

Adel Mardini
Founder & CEO, Jetex

 Jetex London will offer a suite of flagship services for passengers and crews traveling through the airport. It is a seamless, intuitive and dedicated route for Jetex customers to begin or end their journey in supreme comfort. The on-site U.K. Border Force and customs control will ensure that passengers and crew enjoy an efficient ground experience, while Jetex will also offer assistance with ground transport, hotel accommodation, catering, concierge services and much more.

Biggin Hill’s green agenda is key to the airport’s future development, and it echoes the global sustainability commitment of Jetex. The airport has been offering sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) since April 2021.

 “We are extremely proud that Jetex has chosen London Biggin Hill Airport as the destination for its latest FBO – the first in the United Kingdom. Jetex is one of the most respected and acclaimed businesses in private aviation, with an ambitious growth roadmap that reflects our own. We stand at the ready to welcome Jetex’s customers to the capital and offer them the very best standards of service they have come to expect.”

Robert Walters
Commercial Director, London Biggin Hill Airport

With natural materials, soft lighting, and floor-to-ceiling windows, Jetex London is designed to feel like a warm, contemporary space. The 1,900 sq.m. private terminal will include several supremely comfortable lounges of understated luxury designed with passenger privacy in mind, retail and entertainment areas, fully equipped boardrooms, shower suites and much more. Crews will appreciate a full range of on-site recreational and flight support facilities.

Jetex London marks the company’s first entry into the U.K. as it looks forward to growing its operations in the market.

About Jetex:
An award-winning global leader in executive aviation, Jetex is recognized for delivering flexible, best-in-class trip support solutions to customers worldwide. Jetex provides exceptional private terminals (FBOs), aircraft fueling, ground handling and global trip planning. The company caters to both owners and operators of business jets for corporate, commercial and personal air travel. To find out more about Jetex, visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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