Two killed as military invades Bamali village

Residents of Nkor, Bamali village in Ngoketundjia DIvision, Northwest Cameroon, are reeling after a violent incident on Sunday left two civilians dead and several persons injured.

According to local reports, Cameroonian military forces entered the village and opened fire, resulting in casualties. A resident, who wished to remain anonymous for safety reasons, stated that his mother was shot in during the incident but is currently receiving medical attention and responding to treatment.

‘This is what is going on every day in our area,’ the resident lamented, highlighting a sense of growing despair and helplessness within the community. ‘Everyone is mute about it.’

The Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon, a conflict between the government and English-speaking separatists seeking independence, has plagued the Northwest and Southwest regions for several years. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing violence that continues to impact civilians.

While unconfirmed by independent sources due to security
concerns, the resident’s story sheds light on the human cost of the conflict. ‘This is a call for concern,’ the resident emphasized.

CNA has however seen pictures of the victims.

Human rights groups have long called for a peaceful resolution to the Anglophone Crisis and an independent investigation into abuses by all parties involved.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Witnesses reveal how gov’t forces forced civilians to pick IEDs that killed them

Cameroon News Agency has shed lights on the the tragic passing away of the two Cameroonians in Melim. Kumbo, North West region.

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Our investigations led us to seevral witnesses who saw how the incident happened and decided to narrate so that the vcitims’ families could have justice.

In this series, we will write down what they said without altering the words. We got several voice notes and can indepedently confirm that these witnesses were present druing the explosion.

CNA quized, ‘So was Hans forced?’

Yes he was forced. He never removed it on his own will. He was forced

CNA ‘When it happened like that what did the military do?’

I don’t know. We left the scene when the second one that Hans saw had not exploded. I saw the other one. He saw the one in the middle road that exploded. We saw the one besides the road.

Conversation between wtiness and CNA interviewer.

I learned some mothers in your quarter went t
o the camp to denounce what the military did.

Yes mothers from my quarter went to the camp. I was in the house.

So they abandoned the corpse there? The never cared. So they abandoned him there with Ba Oum.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Tresor voyage suspended, driver suspended

The driver’s license belonging to Mr Ndam Esekiel, driver of Tresor interurban transport Agency has been retrieved for a 1-year suspension by the minister of transport.

This suspension follows the fatal accident on July 1, which happened at Nteingue neighborhood, West region, killing 4 and injuring 59 others.

Images of a video footage made public by the centralized management and monitoring system for interurban transport, show that the accident was caused by excess speed on a wet and slippery road.

A statement from the ministry indicates that despite warnings given by the video surveillance system, no passenger were the safety belt even though the bus was equipped with them.

Apart from the 1-year suspension handed to the driver, activities of the Tresor have been suspended for 7 days, during which drivers of the interurban transport agency will be restrained on defensive driving under the competent technical services.

Road users are also reminded to always wear seat belts which remains a legal requireme

Source: Cameroon News Agency