67th FIFA Congress: New Times for Equatorial Guinean Football

The city of Manama (Bahrain, 10th and 11th May) hosted the 67th edition of FIFA’s Congress, which is undoubtedly a before and an after in the development of world football, but especially in Equatorial Guinea.

Under the Gianni Infantino’s presidency, new times for the future have opened up, and his excellent relationship with the FEGUIFUT president, Andres Jorge Mbomio, has also helped the determined task to develop Equatorial Guinean football. Infantino repeatedly declared his admiration and recognition for the huge job that Mbomio is carrying out from his presidential position in the Equatorial Guinean Federation. The leader of our football attended the event accompanied by the Secretary General of the FEGUIFUT, Tadeo Nsue.

But it was not just the president of FIFA who recognised the effort and talent of our federation, it was also very significant personalities in football such as the former Barcelona or Real Madrid players Ronaldinho, Michel Salgado; the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, and the long-serving FIFA Vice-President, A�ngel Maria Villar.

In this decisive congress by FIFA, such important matters were addressed such as:

Future reforms for FIFA (the new “Forward” programme)

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

The suspension of the Guatemala Federation for breaching member conditions, and the suspension of Kuwait’s federation due their government’s interference.

The Israel-Palestine conflict will be addressed in a meeting with the FIFA board this October.

There has also been some time during these days of intense work to practice our sport on grass.

A tournament by FIFA and all the Confederations took place. Incidentally, it was the host team who won the tournament, that is to say, Bahrain. The Conmebol team finished second, and the CAF team took third place.

The showing of affection and support for the project by the New FEGUIFUT are continuous from all international classes in our sport. There is self-satisfaction to feel that support and a feeling of delight with regards to the future. We are on the right track.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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