A call for funding: West and Central Africa needs your support

Key Messages
West Africa is facing an unprecedented level of food insecurity – 31 million people are projected to have insufficient food stocks during the upcoming lean season (May – August), a figure which is 28% higher than 2020, which already marked a record-high level of food insecurity.
Without an immediate response, millions will face extreme human suffering, in particular those already experiencing acute food insecurity or in hard to reach areas. Strong support is needed now to avoid risks of further instability of the already fragile region.
WFP is ready to assist – having scaled up its assistance significantly in 2020, WFP is taking all measures to avert the crisis by deploying additional expertise, enhancing access negotiations, and prepositioning commodities in strategic locations.
Available resources are not matching the growing needs. Across the region, an additional USD 717 million is urgently needed for the next 6 months. Nigeria and Burkina Faso are the top concerns as two countries are just one step away from catastrophe and facing the biggest funding gaps. Operations in CAR, Chad, Mali and Niger also face critical funding gaps and need urgent support.

Source: World Food Programme

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