A delegation of the Ministry of Education attends an educational program of the African Union

Other objectives of this program are to build, rehabilitate and preserve school infrastructure, develop policies that provide a permanent learning environment without stress for all, in order to improve access to quality education at all levels of education.

The work sessions in which a group of technicians of the Ministry of University Education and Sports, headed by Marisol Efiri Ncogo Abegue, Director General of Early Childhood, Primary and Literacy Education, have participated, have also highlighted the need to take advantage of the capacity of the Technologies of Information and Communication to improve access, the quality of education, training and management of education systems; ensure the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the completion rates of studies at all levels and for all groups, through harmonization processes in symbiosis with national, regional and continental systems,

The new program serves as a center for the exchange of information on aspects of curriculum development aimed at eliminating illiteracy among young people and promoting scientific culture in Africa.

The program has the projection of a revitalization and greater access to higher education, research and innovation to face the challenges of the continent and promote global competitiveness, education for peace, as well as the prevention and resolution of conflicts at all levels of education and for all age groups, based on common African values.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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