Abu Kansangbata Applauds Mahama for media encounter

Mr Abu Kansangbata a Former Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, has commended former President John Dramani Mahama for his recent media engagement.

Following Mahama’s address on the 24-hour economy policy, Abu Kansangbata expressed profound satisfaction with the clarity and effectiveness of Mahama’s communication.

‘I was very pleased with how John Mahama explained the 24-hour economy policy,’ .

‘His articulation of this initiative, which promises to transform the economy and provide jobs for the youth, was exceptional.

‘ The 24-hour economy initiative, as outlined by Mahama, aims to bolster economic activity continuously, potentially creating numerous employment opportunities and fostering economic growth.

Reacting to former President Mahama’s engagement ,he said emphasized its role in increasing productivity to meet the demands of the African Continental Free Trade Area, thereby supporting indigenous companies and reducing reliance on imports.

Mr Kansangbata underscored the transformative potential of
this policy, noting its significance for Ghana’s economic future.

He highlighted Mahama’s commitment to providing tax incentives to boost local production, particularly in citing an example with a sectors like pharmaceuticals, ensuring Ghana can meet its own needs without relying on imports.

In addition to lauding Mahama’s policy explanations, Abu Kansangbata stressed the importance of constitutional review. ‘The review of the Constitution is vital, and I am pleased that a future NDC government under John Mahama will prioritize this,’ he remarked.

Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Abu Kansangbata urged all Ghanaians to support Mahama, citing his leadership and vision as essential for Ghana’s progress.

Mahama’s engagement has garnered widespread attention, praised for his ability to communicate complex policies clearly and convincingly.

As the election approaches, Mahama’s strong media presence and clear policy positions are expected to play a crucial role in his campaign.

He also touched on various a
chievements of the NDC, including significant contributions to social interventions such as GETFund for educational infrastructure improvement and efforts to increase access to clean drinking water, particularly noting the progress from 58% to 76% access nationwide and significant increases for Accra alone.

He emphasized the importance of media freedom and improved salaries for journalists, aiming to enhance their capacity to inform the public effectively. Furthermore, Mahama outlined plans to make small-scale miners operate by the laws of Ghana while combatting illegal mining in forest reserves, addressing environmental concerns while promoting sustainable mining practices. He also pledged to revamp sports facilities to elevate Ghana’s sports prowess.

Mr Kansangbata commended John Mahama for his openness and dedication to addressing national issues through transparent communication with the media.

Source: Ghana News Agency