Adoption for processing in Senate for files received from Chamber of Deputies

Members of the Senate Table met on 17th September in Sipopo, at the provisional headquarters of the institution, under the moderation of the First Vice-President, A�ngel Serafin Seriche Dougan Malabo, to adopt for processing the files issued by the Chamber of Deputies.

After approval of the agenda, and the reading and approval of the minutes from previous meetings, the members of the Senate Table, based on the provisions of article 75 of the internal regulations of the Upper Chamber, with reference to the opening of debates, met with the aim of adopting for processing the files received from the Chamber of Deputies.

Taking into account that outlined in article 106, on the legislative texts submitted by the Chamber of Deputies, in paragraphs 1, 2, and 3, those present set out the time frame for distribution to senators for the projects and draft laws approved by the Lower Chamber, in order to declare as competent the commission that is to look at the project or proposal.

In the presence of the Second Vice-President of the Senate, Augustin Nze Nfumu, the Second Secretary of the Table, Crispin Jaime Sangale Rondo, gave an account of the projects, agreements and conventions, together with protocols, reports, minutes and verdicts that shall soon be the subject of debate among the various commissions set up to that end.

They are law projects on the Settlement on the signing off of the General State Budget for the 2017 economic period, and Road Transport, with the addition of the agreements for the creation of the Mixed Cooperation Commission between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and India, and that between the Government of our country and the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Another of the agreements that will also be studied and analysed in second reading, during the second ordinary period of parliamentary sessions for 2018, are those related to the exemption of visas for holders of diplomatic, official and service passports between our country and India; suppression of visas for holders of diplomatic, official and service passports between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and Ghana, and the suppression of visas for holders of diplomatic, official or service passports with the Plurinational State of Bolivia, in addition to the agreement to the exoneration of visas in favour of the citizens of the Republic of Tunisia.

The legislators are proposing to debate the content of the framework agreement regarding the setting up of the International Solar Alliance, signed with the Government of India, which also includes the Minamata Convention on mercury, and the Nagoya Protocol regarding access to genetic resources and fair, equal access to the benefits deriving from their use, to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

In parallel, there will be an analysis of the execution reports regarding the General State Budgets to 31st March of the 2018 economic period; the act and verdict from the Permanent Parliamentary Commissions on the Economy, Finance, Budgets and Trade, Foreign Policy and Public Works and Communications from the Chamber of Deputies.

The meeting of the Senate Table concluded with a review of the list of senators who signed the presentation of the Proposal for the Law on the Family Code.

Source: Senate Press Office

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