Adoption of the Draft Law on the Legal System of the General State Administration

The Senate, which met on March 12 in a plenary session, adopted the minutes and final judgment that contained the results of the work and subsequent conclusions carried out by the Governance Commission, Local Administration and Public Service, which since last February has undergone study and analysis, in a second reading, of the Draft Law of the Legal System of the General State Administration, and therefore also approved the aforementioned legal instrument.

Among the amendments and modifications made to the previous text by the members of the committee and included in the report submitted to the plenary, is the reformulating of the reasons that, in its final text, outlines the changes in the Basic Law, the main reason for the review and adaptation of the existing legal framework of the Central Administration, since its new bodies and institutions, or the changes experienced in organizational and functional structures existing institutions do not appear in it.

In this sense, the future law departs from the classical regulatory orientation of the Legal System of Central Administration, and covers a broader field, that of the General State Administration, including the regulation of not only the Central Administration, but also the territorial, institutional and public bodies, incorporating as new institutions the regulation of territorial bodies, institutions of public law, the Secretariat of the Government, personal and technical cabinets of the higher bodies of the administration bodies and holders of corporate bodies and the external services of the General State Administration.

The spokesmen for the three parliamentary groups of the Senate gave their approval for the adoption of the Draft Law on the Legal System of the General State Administration, and commended senators, members and non-members of the committee as well as the delegation of Public Service, which in consensus with the Senate, have worked on developing a legal instrument for the country that is much richer in content, form and substance, resulting from the spirit of cooperation of the Government, which should prevail between institutions of the country.

Angel Mesie Mibuy expressed himself in similar terms, who on behalf of the Executive, thanked the cooperation and understanding dispensed by the Senate to the delegation headed from the first day of work until March 12; words that were reinforced by the First Vice President of the Senate, Ricardo Maximo Torao Oyo, who, having congratulated the commissioners and the government delegation for their excellent work, said that the quality of work adopted today shows that when everyone rows in same direction and works for the achievement of a common goal, it is natural to achieve said goal, which is what the citizens expect when they put their trust in the senators to represent them.

Text and photo: Pilar Cecilia Ayecaba Ndong (Senate Press Office)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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