Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 12- 25 August 2020

Burkina Faso
10 August 2020: In the Sahel region, an unidentified armed group hijacked a truck carrying food aid en route to Djibo town. Source: ECHO
11 August 2020: In Soum province, Sahel region, an unidentified armed group hijacked a passenger transport vehicle and abducted the provincial Imam. Other passengers in the same vehicle, including aid workers, were released. Source: ECHO
20 August 2020: Update: The Nigerien Central Counter-Terrorism Service arrested a man suspected of links with the killing of six French aid workers, their Nigerien driver and their Nigerien tour guide on 09 August. Source: RFI
18 August 2020: According to a letter from the Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education, the Somali Government has ordered the expulsion of the INGO CARE’s Somalia director, accusing him of disregarding government policies and procedures and “meddling in politics”. It also accused him of creating unnecessary tensions among Somali federal and state governments. Source: Devex
20 August 2020: On Lesvos island, anti-migrant protestors attacked and set fire to a MSF-run pediatric and sexual reproductive health clinic run outside Moria refugee camp. During the incident, a small group of protestors gathered outside, shouting at and threatening staff while throwing stones into the clinic, where approximately 50 staff were working to treat women and children from Moria camp. No staff were injured. The protesters had gathered in opposition to Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou’s visit to inaugurate a new government COVID-19 facility, which was also attacked.
This incident comes less than a month after MSF was forced to close its COVID-19 isolation center on the island in response to local authorities’ decision to impose fines with potential criminal charges related to urban planning regulations. MSF have called on the authorities to “take all necessary measures against the growing anti-migrant rhetoric, aggression, and violence circulating on Lesbos, and to take action against those who have harassed and attacked humanitarian actors”. Source:
Middle East and North Africa
26 August 2020: Near Bartilla, on the Mosul-Erbil road, Ninewa governorate, an IED detonated, impacting a UN vehicle and injuring one World Food Programme (WFP) staff member. Source:
United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq
The Americas
United States of America
09 August 2020: In Chicago city, Illinois state, unidentified perpetrators wielding hammers smashed the glass of the front door of the Ronald McDonald House Charity, near the Lurie Children’s Hospital, causing minimal damage to the exterior entrance of the house, and scaring families currently staying there whilst their children undergo medical treatment. This incident occurred amid widespread looting across Chicago. Source: USA Today

Source: Insecurity Insight

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