Akurenam District Development Committee launches first candidate for Friend of Childhood District

The initiative is promoted by UNICEF in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and civic society organisations, such as the Religious Foundation for health (FRS) or the African Woman Support Association (ASAMA).

The Friend of Childhood District (DAI) is a strategy which integrated health services, education and protection of childhood and communication for development, in particularly needy districts in the country. The aim is that all services that work in favour of children do so in an integrated, coordinated manner. The programme should serve as an example for the promotion of public policies for the benefit of childhood on a national level.

The Government Delegate for Akurenam, Marcos Salvador Alogo Nchama, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative. We must “respond proactively to this huge opportunity they have given us, as our district is the first to trial this model”, he declared. He also insisted on the inclusiveness of the DAI, as the intention is to reach all social layers, in particular the most disadvantaged.

The act served to launch the training course for community health workers. This activity, included within the framework of the DAI pilot projects, has the aim of basic health services reaching the beneficiaries, including the most isolated people’s councils in the district.

The training will allow each people’s council and each community of neighbours to have at least one health worker to cover the basic needs in this matter, particularly for children and pregnant women. The training is being given by a team of facilitators from the three health centres in Akurenam. The team is made up of ten facilitators, divided between doctors and nurses.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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