Ambassador in Ethiopia and Deputy Representative of Mission before UN attend AU seminar

The senior level seminar on peace and security in Africa took place in the Republic of Kenya, while the evaluation meeting for the reform process for the UN Security Council took place in Sierra Leone, with the participation of a delegation from Equatorial Guinea, made up of the ambassador in Ethiopia, Crisantos Obama Ondo, and Job Obiang Esono Mbangono, Deputy Ambassador Representative from the Permanent Mission before the UN.

The seminar was attended by representatives from the 15 members of the African Union Peace and Security Council, African members of the United Nations Security Council, and associated countries. In addition to covering questions related to peace and security in Africa, the seminar also served as a framework to congratulate the countries from our continent on the United Nations Security Council, the countries from the A3 group Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia- for the work done throughout this year. South Africa was also welcomed during the session, as a new incoming member from January 2019.

The seminar focussed its analysis and debates on the aim of silencing the guns in Africa for 2020; the financing of the peace and security programme, and the strengthening of cooperation between African members of the United nations Security Council and the African Union Peace and Security Council.

According to official sources, the two Equatoguinean used their courtesy visit to the presidential palace to pass on to the President, H. E. Uhuru Kenyatta, cordial greetings from his counterpart, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

From Kenya, the ambassadors Crisantos Obama Ondo and Job Obiang Esono Mbengono travelled to Sierra Leone, specifically to Freetown, where they took part in a meeting of the Committee of 10 African countries responsible for evaluating the reform process for the UN Security Council.

The two ambassadors set in motion mechanisms aimed at strengthening the coordination of the work of the two permanent missions, in order to guarantee greater efficiency, taking into account that Equatorial Guinea is assuming the presidency of the AU Peace and Security Council in January 2019, in Addis Abeba, and in February of the same year, our country will assume the presidency of the United nations Security Council in New York.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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