Ambassador to Cameroon meets personnel

The aim of the meeting was to prepare for the celebration of the 51st Anniversary of National Independence. The information was provided on Tuesday 15th October, at a meeting overseen by the acting Ambassador, Anastasio Asumu Mum, with officials from the diplomatic mission. The meeting also served as an opportunity for the Ambassador to congratulate the personnel in his charge for the excellent work carried out together during the time he has been in charge of the mission, as in the not too distant future his mission as Ambassador to Cameroon will come to an end.

After deliberations, it was decided that the commemoration will take place in Saturday 26th October. The Ambassador asked for the involvement of everyone to ensure the success of this commemoration which celebrates a before and after in the history of Equatorial Guinea.

The meeting concluded with the creation of various commissions which will deal with the organisation of the event.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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