Ambassador to China on official visit to Guangxi province

German Ekua Sima, Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, made a two day visit to the province of Guangxi, which has 49 million inhabitants and is located 2500 km from Beijing, to see various places where the main activity is agriculture, at the invitation of the international trading company, Ke Sheng Da.

Over the two days Ekua Sima was received firstly by the Vice Mayor of the city of Yulin, who showed the diplomat various places of interest, such as the Campo Colorado agricultural park , one of the production centres for medicinal seeds and herbs, where it was possible to see various medicinal, edible plants and organic products, etc.

Another of the places visited was the rice plant, being the second largest producer in China, where the huge work and development carried out over years in the production of this food could be appreciated.

Continuing with his agenda of visits in the province of Guangxi, the Ambassador, accompanied by Liu Pengsengm, deputy director of the municipal Government of Bobai, also visited the domestic waste energy generation plant, where he saw the process from the collection of waste to its transformation into energy.

Another of the places visited was the orange plantation, an initiative created by a Chinese young person who not only managed to create work but supported the Government in the fight against poverty. The project began in 2015, and is now a cooperative of private and public companies dedicated to the production and sale of oranges and mandarins throughout China.

The last place visited was the waste water treatment area, where it was demonstrated how water quality could be improved by up to 90%.

At the end of his two day visit, the Ambassador was received by the Mayor of Bobai, a city of 2 million inhabitants located in the south east of the province of Guangxi, where he expressed gratitude for the experience acquired through visiting these places of great interest.

Ekua Sima also made it clear that Equatorial Guinea, through its project of economic diversification, considered opportune the collaboration with the province of Guangxi in order to take advantage of its vast experience in the agricultural sector, declaring his interest in cooperation with Chinese companies from the region, in order to invest in Equatorial Guinea and set out a training programme in the agricultural sector in close collaboration with the autonomous Government.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed that in the near future they could establish a training programme for Equatoguinean youth.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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