Ambassador to Morocco holds meetings with Venezuelan counterpart

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, Crisantos Obama Ondo, held a courtesy meeting on Tuesday 7th August in Rabat, Morocco, with the Head of Business from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Embassy in Rabat, Omar Nabil Nasser Solorzano, to look at the relations of friendship and cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and Venezuela.

The meeting served as a framework for the ambassador Obama Ondo to express to his Venezuelan counterpart the support and solidarity of the Government and people of Equatorial Guinea with the brother people and Venezuelan Government, following the failed attack against the President Nicolas Maduro and senior officials from the country on Saturday 4th August.

Crisantos Obama Ondo used the occasion to inform his counterpart that Equatorial Guinea had likewise suffered an attempted invasion in December 2017, and the two underlined the need to remain vigilant against these attacks taking place in the world today against legitimate institutions, in addition to the need for the international community to adopt an objective stance in order to defend the peace, security and sovereignty of peoples.

Source: The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Morocco

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