Ambassador to People’s Republic of China in preparations for I China-Africa Economic and Trade Exhibition

Within the framework of the organisation of the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Exhibition, which will be held from 18th to 20th June, a first meeting took place on 9th January at the Hotel Hunan in the city of Beijing, which was attended by the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, German Ekua Sima, alongside various African ambassadors.

The session began with words of welcome from the Assistant Minister for Chinese Trade, Li Chenggang, who declared that the main aim of this first meeting was to prepare, in the best way possible, the promotion of the I China-Africa Economic and Trade Exhibition, which was approved by the Central Committee of the party and the State Council in 2018. It is a huge event at which various African countries will take part, including the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and it will provide the opportunity to promote the benefits of cooperation in the field of the production of economic and trade parks, tourism, the culture of energy and transformation, and bilateral trade.

Taking into account the ties of friendship and cooperation uniting the Asian giant with African countries, China aims, through the exhibition, to continue with its policy of cooperation with the African continent, in order to achieve the aims set out within the framework of FOCAC (China-African Cooperation Forum).

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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