Ambassadors from AU and UN demand apology from President Trump

On Friday 12th January, through a meeting called urgently at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), the body of Ambassadors-Permanent Representatives from the African Union (AU) before the organisation asked the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to “retract” his negative comment against the African continent because, as they pointed out, it has honest people and a cultural variety that is worthy of respect.

Through a communique, the ambassadors from the AU before the UN condemned the declarations -considered racist- made by President Donald Trump, whom they asked to show the decency to apologise to the offended peoples, and reconsider his comments.

The meeting, which lasted four hours, was also attended by members of the Equatorial Guinea diplomatic delegation, and served as an opportunity for African countries to reaffirm their commitment to work in favour of the unity of cultural criteria as member countries of the UN, in order to reject negative ideas such as racism and xenophobia, which run counter to the moral values of the 21st Century.

The description by Donald Trump of African countries and Haiti has caused controversy on a multilateral scale, from the resignation of the North American Ambassador to Panama, following the comments considered to be “shameful” by the diplomat, to the extreme indignation of the various regional groups, who regret the words of the United States President.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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