ANGE 2020 Press Conference on the National Plan for Economic and Social Development (PNDES)

On February 12, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment (MEPIP) met with national and international media in Equatorial Guinea, to explain the efforts being carried out by this ministry, to ensure a programming of investments and effective monitoring of the Horizon 2020 Plan in its Second Phase.

The Horizon 2020 Plan, adopted in 2007 during the Second National Economic Conference, aims to make Equatorial Guinea an emerging economy in the Horizon 2020, through a series of actions concentrated in two phases (2008-2012, 2013-2020 ) and that encompassed four axes of Transformation:

1. Construction of modern world-class infrastructures to improve productivity and accelerate growth.

2. Build a diversified economy based on the private sector.

3. Massively strengthen human capital and improve the quality of life of every citizen.

4. Implement quality governance to serve the public

Now immersed in the second phase of the Plan, the MEPIP has seen fit to explain to the media the efforts of this body to ensure that investment programming, coordination of all stakeholders and monitoring of the Horizon 2020 Plan will be even more efficient and effective during the remainder of this ambitious project, which reflects the aspirations of all the people of Equatorial Guinea and its institutions. In fact, the revolution of economic and social infrastructures that has been experienced by Equatorial Guinea during the first phase of the Plan for maximum deployment and optimization, always in favor of Economic Diversification and improvement of Social Indicators, now requires more qualified human resources, better information systems and management thereof, and more complex monitoring means. In this regard, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment, through its Honorable Secretary of State for the Horizon Program, explained the work being done in the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment to strengthen the Ministry and its autonomous entities (National Institute of Statistics of Equatorial Guinea and National Agency of Equatorial Guinea 2020), placing emphasis on the Assistance of the World Bank on Strengthening the National System of Public Investment and Monitoring of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development, led by Carolina Rentería, World Bank Lead Economist and former Minister of Planning of Colombia. As part of that assistance, explained the Honorable Secretary of State, a strong relationship with the Chilean Ministry of Social Development has now been established, and it is expected that an International Seminar on Public Investment and Monitoring will be held in Equatorial Guinea, to learn of the successful experiences of Economic Development and Social Plans in other locations and so that other countries can also know the Guinean experience which, according to international observers, has important elements that may provide some useful lessons for other countries pursuing global development challenge.

Text: ANGE 2020
Photos: Mansueto Loeri Bomohagasi (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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