Announcing Spider Impact V5 — Adapt and Achieve Your Strategy!

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solidifying its commitment to enabling organizations to rapidly adapt and execute business strategy in the midst of unprecedented, ongoing market changes, Spider Strategies today introduced Spider Impact®, Version 5. Spider Impact is Spider Strategies’ Software-as-a-Service solution that aligns organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and initiatives to strategy, engages employees in driving performance, personalizes content and data access, simplifies executive meetings, and provides robust decision support.


“What we’re most proud of in this new release are the advantages that Spider Impact provides to organizations that are shifting their strategies to address the changing work environment and market needs in order to adapt and survive,” said Conor Crimmins, Founder and COO, Spider Strategies.

Spider Impact’s Key Advantages:

  • Strategy Execution. Achieve strategic alignment by cascading your strategy to everyone in your organization, enabling employees to see how their roles contribute toward achieving big picture goals.
  • Strategic Initiatives. Visualize the effect your strategic initiatives are having on business performance, identify underperforming or ineffective initiatives quickly, and rapidly shift budget and resources to initiatives optimized to deliver your desired outcomes.
  • Meetings Reinvented. With Spider Impact Briefings, turn every meeting into a data-driven, decision-making interaction without the need for time-consuming prep or costly paper reporting.
  • Business Intelligence. Manage operations in alignment with organizational strategy. Detailed data analysis and strategy visualizations come together in Spider Impact’s new Datasets Module, helping improve decision-making and providing decision support.
  • Data Governance & Security. Spider Impact’s industry leading data governance and security lets you customize access to performance data tailored to each individual within the organization.

“How we work has changed,” said Crimmins. “Over the past year, we’ve all seen the repercussions of not being able to adapt business strategies to changes in the market. Spider Impact helps put the data and information people need into their hands in a way that makes using it quick, easy, and understandable.”

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