Answer of the INSESO to the fabrications of Radio Macuto

The Institute of Social Security (INSESO) issued a statement to deny the contents of the article published by Radio Macuto on its website, on March 5, 2015, on granting financial support to Armengol Ondo Nguema worth 30 million CFA francs. Here is the full answer issued by the institution.

-“The INSESO denies the unfounded contents of one of the most ridiculous articles the contemptible traitors of peace, truth and social harmony published on the website of Radio Macuto.

Due to the importance we attach to the time that we must spend exclusively in the service of the insured and the general interest of the role of INSESO, we will give a brief answer, by parts, to said article.

First, neither now nor at any time has the INSESO ever agreed on a financial support of 30 million, since it is not foreseen in the budgetary discipline of the institution, or the criteria established for the aid of that nature.

Second, the Honorable Armengol Ondo Nguema, a Equatorial Guinean citizen with full rights and duties, is duly registered with the General System of Social Security as a Government employee, and as such, is entitled to all benefits that are recognized by the INSESO to its insured parties, regardless of social class, personal income or other circumstances.

He, like all government officials, even if he had not formalized his registration in Social Security, is considered, de facto, as insured, since the inclusion of this group in the INSESO database as well as the Government contributions for its employees, both old and new employees, is automatic.

Armengol Ondo Nguema, as a member of INSESO and aware of his rights, as well as how to access them, like many dignitaries of the country, has used them and has had them recognized within the guidelines and criteria for an amount that bears no relation to the 30 million CFA francs, which have been invented by the supposed writers of this medium.

In order to carry out humanitarian or charitable work, as befits our Social Security Institution, we will clarify the to the pseudo-journalists from Radio Macuto that the reserve account of INSESO does not have refunds, but rather income and is not located in any commercial bank.

Indeed, in the fiscal year 2014 this reserve account had an injection of funds over fifteen billion CFA francs, as a constant strengthening of the reserves in order to ensure economic and financial balance of the INSESO in the medium and long term, that being more than enough proof of a good financial health that very few institutions of the African Social Security can claim to have. Indeed, in the current year 2015 it is expected to inject an amount similar to last year’s.

Petty, jealous men and traitors of social harmony of the peaceful people of Equatorial Guinea, we would like to tell them that a well-managed Social Security system, such as that of Equatorial Guinea, can hardly have financial difficulties, even in times of crisis.

Malabo, March 9, 2015
The Editorial Board of INSESO”

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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