Answer – Transparency of total fishing effort in waters of third countries – E-011523/2015

The information on total efforts in third countries where the EU is fishing under Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (SFPAs) is provided by these countries to the regional management fisheries organisations (RFMOs) for the straddling stocks and highly migratory species. The EU is party to all these RFMOs and therefore receives this information, concerning tuna SFPAs, which constitute most of agreements where the EU is engaged in. For mixed SFPAs, in which non-tuna species are fished, specific joint scientific committees analyse the available information on capacities, catches and/or the fishing efforts in the third country fishing zone. This is notably the case with Morocco, Mauritania, Guinea Bissau and Greenland. In certain cases where countries are lacking capacity to assess properly all their stocks, the EU is committed to reinforce this capacity through supporting regional organisations such as CECAF or CSRP, and, if appropriate, exclude fishing by its vessels on those stocks.
The Commission therefore considers that it receives directly, or indirectly through RFMOs, from SFPAs partners available information, allowing to respect the principles of fishing on surplus and the taking into account of the RFMO scientific assessments, which are the main objective of Article 31(4) of Regulation (EU) No 1380/2013 quoted in the EP question.
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