Arrival of the Government-Political Parties Mixed Commission in Malabo

The guidance and information tour by the Government-Political Parties Mixed Commission in all the district communities has arrived in Malabo to continue its work, led by its president, Clemente Engonga Onguene, at an act which took place on Sunday 23rd July at the meeting room of the Ministry for the Interior and Local Corporations.

During the meeting all the members of the commission were introduced; there was a reading of Decree number 38/ 2017, of 30th June, declaring the creation of the Electoral Register in Equatorial Guinea, and Ministerial Order number 2/2017, of 3rd July, issuing complementary rules regarding the creation of the Electoral Register 2017, read by the Director General for Electoral Processes; messages from the presidents of the Mixed Commission and the invitation by each political party representative to their militancy to go to the registration tables.

The First Prime Minister of the Government, Charged with the Political Sector, Democracy and Minister for the Interior and Local Corporations, and President of the Mixed Commission, also had words of guidance for district authorities and the general public present at the event.

Clemente Engonga Onguene, in his address, passed on wishes of peace for the district of Malabo, thus offering the message of the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, through the Decrees and the Ministerial Order for the creation of the Electoral Register 2017, and also declared the importance of understanding the legal instruments in order to successfully carry out work on the register.

In addition, he also revealed that registration for the electorate will begin throughout the country on 1st August, and end on 13th of the same month. The registration of the electorate will take place at the electoral table, and not at home.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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