Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief – July 2020

06 July 2020: In Mamfe city, Southwest region, seven health workers were detained by security forces during a security operation in the area.
Source: Human Rights Watch
Around 07 July 2020: In Kumbo city, Bui district, Northwest region,
Shisong Hospital was stormed by members of the military who threatened to remove patients they suspected to be Ambazonia fighters. A nurse was almost beaten for defending the medical treatment of people without discrimination. Source: Mimimefo Info
09 July 2020: Near Kumba city, Meme department, South West region, a Cameroonian volunteer community health worker employed by MSF was kidnapped and killed. An Ambazonian separatist group fighting government forces in the region first claimed responsibility in a video circulating on social media, before a denial from the political branch of the independence movement in exile. In the video, the aid worker was accused by these fighters of “being a spy in the pay of the government”.
Sources: Barrons, Mimi Mefo Info, MSF and RFI
21 July 2020: In Kumbo city, Bui district, North West region, shootings near the Shisong Hospital premises forced patients to abandon treatment and flee. Sources: Mimimefo Info and Mimimefo Info II
Democratic Republic of the Congo
03-04 July 2020: In Ziralo town, Kalehe territory, South Kivu province, the MSF-supported Kusisa Health Centre was looted during the night by armed men who tied up the guard and stole the hospital’s only respirator. Two civilians, a woman, and her child, were shot and injured when the perpetrators were fleeing. Sources: Actualité and La Prunelle
11 July 2020: In Mangazi village, Beni territory, North Kivu province, suspected ADF militants robbed and burned down a pharmacy as well as a health centre, along with multiple houses, as part of a wider attack on the village. Sources: ACLED1, Garda World and Kivu Security
12 July 2020: In Abendi village, Irumu territory, Ituri province, three Congolese Red Cross staff and three civilians were rescuing victims from a previous attack when they were ambushed and killed by ADF militiamen. Source: ACLED1
14 July 2020: In Baraka town, Fizi territory, South Kivu province, a nurse was shot dead by armed men. Health workers organised a demonstration on the following day. Source: La Prunelle

Source: Insecurity Insight

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