Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief – March 2021

SHCC Attacks on Health Care
The section aligns with the definition of attacks on health care used by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).
01 March 2021: In Kikaikilaki locality, Bui department, Northwest province, following a gun battle, soldiers shot at the Life Abundant Primary Health Care Project, allegedly mistaking it for a separatist hideout. The health facility caught fire, resulting in unknown amounts of damage to the building. Source: Mimi Mefo Info
Democratic Republic of the Congo
13 March 2021: In Kalalangwe village, North Kivu province, alleged ADF militants entered a local clinic and killed three patients, including one woman, with machetes and guns. Source: Actualité
Around 04 March 2021: In Mekelle city, Mekelle Special Zone, Tigray region, a medical student was raped by government soldiers inside the Ayder Referral Hospital. After reporting of the incident arose, another 10 medical students came forward and recounted being raped by government soldiers. Sources: Channel 4 News and Twitter
Until early-March 2021: In Abiy Addi town, Central zone, Tigray region, the Ethiopian National Defence Force have used the central hospital, which serves a population of half a million, as its base and a location reserved only for their injured soldiers. Source: MSF
Early-March 2021: In Mugulat town, Eastern zone, Tigray region, Eritrean troops have turned a local clinic into a military base. Source: France 24
As reported on 15 March 2021: In Tigray region, armed groups have deliberately vandalised and looted nearly 70 percent of the 106 health care facilities in Tigray, reportedly to intentionally render them non-functional. Ethiopian and Eritrean troops have also occupied every fifth hospital. Sources: BBC and MSF
As reported on 15 March 2021: In Debre Abay and May Kuhli localities, Northwest zone, Tigray region, unidentified perpetrators destroyed equipment, smashed doors and windows, and scattered medicine and patient files across floors in health centres. They also scrawled anti-Tigrayan graffiti on the walls. Sources: BBC and The Globe and Mail
As reported on 15 March 2021: In Adigrat city and woreda, Eastern zone, Tigray region, soldiers and other unidentified perpetrators seized some 20 ambulances from a hospital and nearby health centres. Some of these vehicles were spotted being used by soldiers near the Ethiopia-Eritrea border to transport goods. Source: MSF
As reported on 15 March 2021: In Adwa town and woreda, Central zone, Tigray region, unidentified perpetrators smashed ultrasound machines and monitors in a hospital. Sources: BBC and France 24
As reported on 15 March 2021: In Semema town, Central zone, Tigray region, unidentified perpetrators set a hospital on fire. Source: BBC
As reported on 15 March 2021: In Sebeya town, Tigray region, unidentified perpetrators looted a health centre, whilst a rocket of unidentified origin struck the delivery room of the same facility. Sources: BBC and The Globe and Mail
As reported on 15 March 2021: In Sheraro town, Northwest zone, Tigray region, unidentified perpetrators smashed the windows and damaged the operating room of a hospital. Source: The Globe and Mail
23 March 2021: Along the road between Mekele and Adigrat cities, Tigray region, three MSF staffers on a clearly marked MSF vehicle encountered what appeared to be the aftermath of an ambush of a military convoy by an armed group. Ethiopian soldiers at the scene stopped the MSF vehicle and two public transport minibuses. Whilst female passengers and their children were allowed to walk away, at least four men were shot to death. The MSF employees were allowed to leave the scene, until their vehicle was stopped again and their driver beaten and threatened with death. The team was eventually allowed to continue its journey to Mekele. Sources: Al Jazeera and MSF
03 March 2021: In Bentia village, Goa region, a local health centre was robbed by armed men. No injuries or deaths were reported; however, the perpetrators stole the health centre’s motorbike. Source: Studio Tamani
15 March 2021: In Diouradougou commune, Koutiala cercle, Sikasso region, unidentified men kidnapped six health workers. The health workers were later found on 23 March. Source: Studio Tamani
24 March 2021: At Zibane and Gadabo villages, Tillaberi region, a health centre looted and a school set on fire when alleged jihadist militants attacked the villages. At least 10 civilians were killed and livestock was stolen. Sources: AFP News, Gulf News, L’événement Niger and TRT World
01-02 March 2021: In Dikwa town, Borno state, alleged ISWAP militants torched the Dikwa Hospital as part of a wider assault in the area. The militants killed two soldiers and burned down a military base as well as a UN humanitarian hub. At least six civilians died in crossfire. Sources: AFP and Twitter
As reported on 16 March 2021: In Katarko community, Gujba LGA, Yobe state, suspected Boko Haram fighters burned down a health centre and primary school during an assault on the area. Source: Sahara Reporters
22 March 2021: In Golgofa village, Jema’a LGA, Kaduna state, Niima Clinic was attacked by gunmen. One health worker was killed and three others sustained gunshot injuries. Source: Vanguard Nigeria
10 March 2021: In Karan district, Mogadishu, an IED targeted a government vehicle that utilised loudspeakers used to promote COVID-19 prevention measures. Source: Garowe Online
07 March 2021: In Khartoum, several doctors who were meeting after providing free treatment in deprived areas to the east of the city were reportedly assaulted by military police. Three doctors were also arrested on dubious charges. Source: ACLED1
09 March 2021: In Nyala locality, South Darfur state, an ambulance was fired at by gunmen at Senju gold mine. No casualties reported. Source: ACLED1
Around 22 March 2021: In Hajar El Muk suburb, eastern Kadugli town, Kadugli locality, South Kordofan state, an ambulance was attacked by an unknown group who fired live rounds into the air and abducted medical staff. The perpetrators demanded a ransom. Doctors at Kadugli Hospital organised a strike in response. Source: Dabanga Sudan
Around 21 March 2021: In Wad Medani, Greater Wad Madani locality, El Gazira state, a doctor was assaulted, robbed and killed by regular forces, suspectedly Sudan Armed Forces (SAF). Source: ACLED1
04 March 2021: In Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province, suspected Islamic State gunmen detonated a magnetic bomb attached to a vehicle carrying a female gynecologist on her way to work at the maternity ward of the central hospital. The gynecologist was killed and a child was wounded by the explosion. Sources: ABC I, ABC II, Channel News Asia, On the Ground News, RFE RL, The Guardian and The New Arab
29 March 2021: In Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province, gunmen shot dead three polio health workers on two separate occasions on the second day of a five-day door-to-door anti-polio vaccination drive. The campaign was subsequently suspended. Sources: Al Jazeera and The New Arab
As reported on 29 March 2021: In Taliban-controlled areas, the Taliban has not yet reached an agreement with the WHO about home-to-home anti-polio inoculation activities, allegedly due to security reasons, leading to continued delays. Source: Al Jazeera
22 March 2021: In Ukhia upazila, Cox’s Bazar district, Chittagong division, a massive fire totally or partially destroyed 10,000 shelters within five settlements at the Balukhali Camp, namely Camps 8-West and 8-East, as well as Camps 8, 9, 10 and 11, leaving over 45,000 Rohingya refugees homeless. At least 15 people died, including two children aged six and nine, and 560 were injured, while 400 remain missing. More than 100 shops, health centres, distribution points, as well as NGO premises and other facilities were destroyed in the blaze. Barbed-wire fencing on the outer boundary of the settlement, erected by decree of the Government of Bangladesh reportedly hampered rescue efforts and caused injuries. The fire is the latest in a series of fires in Rohingya camps, with some refugees and international observers raising concerns that they may be being set intentionally. Sources: Al Jazeea, Radio Free Asia I, Radio Free Asia II, New Age I, New Age II, The New Arab I and The New Arab II

Source: Insecurity Insight

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