Audience at Bioko Chamber of Commerce

The first vice-president of the Bioko Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Mete Chicampo, received on Thursday 29th August in his office at the headquarters of the institution in Malabo II, the Director General of the Primapact Group, Stephen B. Richer, who was accompanied by the Director of Operations from Afro Tourism, Miriam Chiazor Nwegbe.

The Chamber of Commerce, as an intermediary between the Government and the private sector, was the aim of the visit by the Director of the Primapact Group, a company dedicated to tourist services in association with Afro Tourism, dedicated to tourist guides in Africa. They are interested in investing in the tourism sector in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Stephen B. Richer, in declarations to the press following the meeting with the vice-president of the chamber, said that Primapact became interested in investing in Equatorial Guinea during the Africa-America Business Forum held in Addis Abeba, two years ago.

They saw there the tourist potential and favourable conditions offered by Equatorial Guinea, such as political stability, the development of infrastructures, and other conditions. Other aims of the Primapact Group are to create employment in order to increase the quality of life of citizens, and the training of Equatoguineans in the tourism sector, in addition to the creation so strategies that could attract people in Africa through tourism. We are surprised by the opportunities in the tourism sector in Equatorial Guinea, said Richer.

For his part, the vice-president of the chamber stressed that the Government intends to develop various sectors, including tourism. In fact, our country has built infrastructures to boost the sector.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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