Audience at Regional Delegation of Ministry for Trade

The Vice-Minister for Trade, Domingo Mba Esono, received in audience, on Monday 29th July, the Indian Executive Director, Rajiv Naphade, who was in the country to secure equity agreements between the two countries, above all in the agricultural sector.

Following the audience, the Vice.Minister, Mba Esono, accompanied by the Indian Executive Director and the Regional Delegate, Luis Eneme, held meetings with the heads of the Agriculture and Social Affairs and Gender Equality Ministries, in order to set out the strategic plan based on increasing productivity in horticulture in the country.

As a consequence, Rajiv Naphade suggested the selection of a contingent of women, who will visit the Asian country to see the degree of development in agricultural technology being used in India.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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