Audience for Adviser from Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Congo Brazzaville

The Adviser from the Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Congo Brazzaville was received in audience by the Deputy Ambassador General Secretary Head of the African Department.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Congolese Ministry for Foreign Affairs, where Rafael Mba Esangui, representing the Ambassador, reviewed with his opposite number the diplomatic relations that unite the two brother countries and their respective governments, described by the two as excellent.

In that way, the head of negotiations declared the willingness of the Government of Equatorial Guinea to collaborate on advantageous actions for the subregion. At the meeting, they also reviewed various agreements signed between Malabo and Brazzaville.

With the aim of strengthening diplomatic relations, the Congolese Government will issue an official invitation for the Equatoguinean President to make a State visit to this brother country in Central Africa.

Albert Nkoua, Deputy Ambassador General Secretary, declared that through this visit it was expected to coordinate meetings between the two countries in order to create a mixed commission to look in depth at the various agreements signed and those they wished to sign in favour of the two governments.

During the audience, the adviser from the Equatorial Guinea Embassy was accompanied by the Second Secretary from the diplomatic mission, Teodora Obono Ndong.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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