Audience for Ambassador to Ivory Coast

In order to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Canada, the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Ivory Coast, Bernardino Mba Ondo,was received in audience by the Canadian Ambassador to Ivory Coast, Julie Shouldice.

The courtesy audience was the first meeting held by the two diplomats, and an opportunity to speak about matters relating to bilateral cooperation. The meeting was requested by the Equatoguinean diplomat after taking up the post.

Julie Shouldice, who has been in Ivory Coast for one year, was congratulated on the visit by the ambassador, and the same acknowledgement was extended to the Ivory Coast diplomatic corps for the smoothness of direct collaboration between the embassies.

They also looked at the setting up of a newly created embassy in our country, and priorities regarding cooperation between the two diplomatic missions.

The two diplomats recognised that the political stability that is currently being enjoyed in the Republic of Ivory Coast has benefited the setting up of many embassies, in order to develop and promote political, socio-economic and cultural relations.

Canada has been cooperating with Ivory Coast for over twenty years, in mining, education, cultural, health and agricultural sectors, and through the organisation of cultural activities that promote French-speaking and social projects in favour of gender equality.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Ivory Coast

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