Audience for CPLP delegations with Presidents of Parliament

The Equatorial Guinea Parliament intends to strengthen inter-parliamentary relations with other legislative institutions from CPLP member countries, according to information emerging from the audience held on 13th May between the Presidents of the upper and Lower chambers of Parliament, Teresa Efua Asangono and Gaudencio Mohaba Messu, and delegations attending the work of the CPLP Network of Parliamentary Women meeting.

Within the framework of the celebration of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries Network of Parliamentary Women Meeting, which is taking place on 13th and 14th May at the Palace of Conferences in Sipopo, Efua Asangono and Mohaba Messu granted joint audience to the various parliamentary delegations.

The first delegation was from Cape Verde, led by Georgina Maria Duarte Gemie, president of the CPLP Network of Parliamentary Women, with whom they spoke of the need to focus debates at the forum on the search for mechanisms to combat gender violence, prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women and girls, and the approval of the plan for activities for the 2019-2020 mandate, among other points.

These points were also shared with Angela Guerra, deputy from the Portuguese Parliament, who expressed her appreciation of the integrated development seen in our country.

The Women’s Network meeting is an opportune moment for promoting cooperation in areas of agriculture and culture between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and Portugal, without ruling out other relevant areas.

The deputy from SAPound o Tome and Principe, Ana Isabel Meira, expressed in her name and in the name of the Parliament from her country condolences to the people and government of Equatorial Guinea on the recent death of the former Minister of State, Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue.

The final delegation to be received was led by the deputy from Angola, Maria Docarmo Nascimiento, with whom, in addition to reviewing the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two parliaments, they analysed the points to be debated over the two working days.

As this is the first time our country has hosted this international event, and taking into account the busy agenda of events carried out since 2018 to the present in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Efua Asangono asked for understanding for any gaps that may be observed on an organisational level.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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