Audience of Obama Asue with a delegation of the ADB

Moussa Dosso comes to our country to talk with some senior members of the Government in the field of economy and finance. In the meeting with Obama Asue, Dosso expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister and other authorities of the country for the support at the time of his election for the position, as highlighted by the Ivorian in the interview with TVGE.

The Prime Minister, meanwhile, has provided a series of instructions to intensify cooperation with this financial institution and increase the development of projects scheduled for our country, while requesting a greater presence of Equatorial Guinean executives within the BAD.

In addition to the administrator Moussa Dosso, this committee has also been present the bank’s administration advisor, Eric Fara Kamano and, on the Equatorial Guinean side, has seconded the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning, Lucas Abaga Nchama who , in his capacity as Governor of Equatorial Guinea before the BAD, is in charge of working jointly with the institution.

The ADB is currently composed of 54 countries; It was created on September 10, 1964 and for more than 43 years Equatorial Guinea has been a member of this multinational bank, whose headquarters are in Abidjan, capital of the Ivory Coast.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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