Award for diplomat and author Faustino Nzang Anvene

In the setting of the 22nd Ibero-American Summit for Enterprise and Education held in the installations of the Holy Spirit Particular Specialties University (UEES), in the city of Guayaquil, the Global Africa Latino Foundation and their associates presented a special award to the Equatorial Guinean diplomat Faustino Nsang Anvene, who is the First Secretary of the Equatorial Guinean Embassy in the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela, and was rewarded for his work in favour of peace as a Pro Peace Ambassador.

Nsang Anvene, who is also a prominent author and historian specialised in International Relations and Political Science at the King Juan Carlos University, and the Seneca International Centre for Spanish Postgraduates in Madrid, Spain, received an important international award for his work in the essay and content category titled El Grito a la Internacionalizacion, Guinea Ecuatorial Marginado por el Idioma de su Raiz (The Cry for Internationalisation: Equatorial Guinea Marginalised due to its Indigenous Language), edited in Spain by Circulo Rojo.

For his part, Faustino Nsang Anvene was awarded with an Honorary Doctorate by the Honorable Academia Mundial de Educacion (Global Honorable Academy of Education). During his acceptance speech, Anvene expressed that the development of nations occurs through productive education and development: In Africa: achievements in the continent are celebrated such as economic growth and its variety of societies and cultures; we are a rich and diverse continent full of youth. In the year 2050, the population in Africa will exceed two billion inhabitants, surpassing India (1.6 billion) and China (1.4 billion). This will result in the continent having more than a third of the world’s population; one in five people in the world will be African, and this entails big challenges to deal with regarding poverty, health, sanitation and development.

The board of the Global Africa Latino Foundation (FGAL) express gratitude for Faustino Nsang Anvene’s participation, as he connects the spirit of this organisation with their partners, creating bridges and distinguishes how Africa is perceived by Africans first-hand – brothers in the culture of peace and the dialogue of civilisations.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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