Awareness raising seminar on the management of small and medium sized enterprises

On 17th October, the Director General for the Advancement and Promotion of Tourism from the Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Craft Promotion, Monica Nchama Ndong, oversaw the opening of this seminar for heads of hotels, restaurants and bars, with the aim of underlining the key points in the efficient management of SMEs in the tourism sector. The seminar took place in the meeting room at the ministry, with the participation of representatives from assigned tourist establishments and instructors from EY Building a Better Parking World, who were responsible for the presentation.

During the presentation, Alexis Moutome and Davy Obiang Ondo covered five points: an introduction, a point covering EY, the criteria for good management, the law on the obligations and opportunities for SMEs in Equatorial Guinea, and the importance of good management.

The presentation revealed the implementation of actions in order to achieve the company’s targets, in particular commercial, legal and accounting actions, and also the achievement of strategies for the success of a company.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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