BANGE board meeting

The president of the board of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea (BANGE), Crisantos Martin Ebe Mba, led a meeting of the institution’s general meeting of shareholders.

The Bioko room at the Hilton Hotel in Malabo was the venue for the meeting, which took place in order to analyse the financial situation for the 2016 economic period.

The president of the board underlined the good management of the institution, which has brought favourable results despite the economic crisis.

The bank has achieved a net profit of 6,140 million Franco CFA. The shareholders are happy and, above all, the important thing is that they have renewed their trust, both in the board, and in the management structure for the banking institution”, said Ebe Mba.

However, the Secretary of State Charged with the Treasury, Milagrosa Obono Angue, underlined the work of the bank dedicated to reporting to its clients on the situation: It is important that the population knows that their national bank is a banking institution that is producing good results through its management, as the most important thing for a bank is its internal management. And if this management is evident when analysing the financial situation in order to obtain the results we have just obtained, which are positive, it is because the institution is working in an adequate manner”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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