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Bavarian zoo reports kangaroo on the hop since the weekend

A zoo in southeastern Germany has been missing a kangaroo, that escaped at the weekend. The animal has been spotted several times since then, police said on Tuesday, adding: ‘It has not yet been possible to catch it.’ The zoo in the Bavarian city of Hof wrote on Instagram, that the grey-brown male kangaroo Willi was no longer in its enclosure on Saturday morning. How the animal, which is about 70 centimetres tall, was able to leave the zoo is still being clarified, the zoo said. ‘As the animal lives on leaves and grass, it is not in danger of starvation at the moment, only predators in the wild could pose a threat to it.’ Anyone who sees the kangaroo, should only observe it from a distance and notify the police, the zoo said. ‘Please refrain from searching on your own, this would only further stress the animal unnecessarily.’ Runaway kangaroos have been reported from time to time in Bavaria in recent years. The most recent one was Toni, a male kangaroo who escaped from the enclosure of a hotel in the Bavarian Forest in summer. With a trail of treats, the owners were finally able to lure him back to his enclosure, after several weeks.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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