Begins election campaign PDGE in Malabo

Manuel Cristobal Morgades Ichaka, president of the District Monitoring Committee of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea in the District of Malabo, he informed the press about how they are developing the work of the election campaign

In its manifestations it has begun talking about the first internal elections of the PDGE of the past day 15 for the positions of deputies, senators and councilors of the city councils of this district and has said that in this first phase, the process was a success.

He also commented that since Monday 18 has begun the second phase, in which the candidates initiate actions such as voting request, posting of posters, rallies … These are more than 350 candidates to be elected in their areas as senators, deputies and councilors.

Morgades Ichakaha sent a message to all of them to work with discipline, order and scrupulous respect to the rules and procedures of the PDGE.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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