BOE delegation from country concludes work in Spain

The delegation from the Official State Bulletin of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, led by its Director General, Margarita Ndong Yehouessi Mikue, held its final meeting on Friday 21t September with the Official State Bulletin Agency in Spain.

With the aim of implementing the electronic system with regards to the BOE in the country, and improving each of its areas, the delegation from the body of the Presidency of the Government in Equatorial Guinea arrived in Madrid to exchange knowledge with their Madrid counterparts.

We have seen that the computer system is important, with a view to providing greater dynamism to our task by digitalising our archive, which would allow easy access by citizens to our daily publications”, said Margarita Ndong Yeohouesi Mikue.

In the final session, those responsible for the Official State Bulletin Agency in Spain described the facilities involved in their task following the establishment of the electronic system. With this advance they achieved greater diffusion of their legal remit, thus allowing easy access by citizens to the same, according to the report.

All the technology for web publication, servers and databases is essential in order to provide support for the publications. While once the tasks had a large manual component, now there is almost full automation of the production process”, explained the director of technologies from the AEBOE in Spain, Jose Manual Ruiz.

The directors of the Spanish BOE also spoke about the courses needed to begin the first steps towards the electronic system.

Following hours of analysis, the Equatoguinean delegation concluded the day by visiting the Spanish BOE archive, where they found Decree No, 2467/1968, of 9th October, granting independence to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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