Cameroonian questions government spending as tax collection intensifies

Cameroon’s recent tax enforcement measures have raised concerns among citizens about the government’s spending priorities.

The new measures, implemented in 2023, aim to increase tax collection and government revenue. However, some residents question whether the collected funds will be used effectively for public services.

The Ministry of FInance in a May 2024, stastement, stated that both pub;lic and private employees need to declare their taxes. They are expected to file their annual personal imcome taxes, a consolidated payslip deatiling earnings and tax withholdings.

‘The main question is what the government has been using taxes for,’ said one resident, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal. ‘We see many roads in disrepair, like the one between Amourmezam and Mobile in Bamenda. People pay taxes, but basic infrastructure isn’t being addressed.’

Critics point to past government spending on projects perceived as unnecessary, such as some foreign travel by officials. They argue that such spending st
rains the national budget while essential needs remain unmet.

The government has not yet publicly responded to these concerns.

Source: Cameroon News Agency