CAN 2015: Francisco Pascual Obama analyzes the incidents of Malabo

The Minister of Youth and Sports met on February 6 with the media to send apologies for the incidents in the Equatorial Guinea-Ghana match. When these occurred, Pascual Obama stayed at the stadium until the end, ensuring that all members of the CAF left without problems.

Francisco Pascual Obama, when asked by the press, reported that the organizing committee does not address regulatory issues, since that would be an intrusion into the affairs of the CAF, but appealed to the sensitivity of the CAF to avoid such situations.

-“We apologize for what happened; but we are also analyzing it. We must see that we are Africans, of Central Africa, we know the issues that exist between us, being in a competition in the same group with Gabon, which we eliminated, it was not logical that a Gabonese referee directed the match. I invite the CAF to look in future occasions at the geopolitical situation, because it is something that also has influence,” said the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Pascual Obama requested that the actions not be exaggerated and to value Equatorial Guinea, which has organized a competition in 50 days and that the stadiums have been full and there were no incidents. “The root of the incidents has been in the behavior of the referee. When Guinea played against Congo, a legal goal was annulled and the FEGUIFUT made an appeal which was dismissed and there was no incident in the stadium. This time the behavior of the referee was what provoked the public in the match in Malabo.”

Despite this group of antisocial people who staged the incidents in the stadium, the Minister of Youth and Sports congratulated the people for their high civility which it showed in all the stadiums, and invited the population to go to the stadiums and cheer in these two remaining games. “We have to show what we are like. Everyone go to the remaining games with good sense and be polite, which is what characterizes the people of Equatorial Guinea.”

Francisco Pascual Obama gave a highly positive assessment of the CAN in the organizational aspect, of the security forces and the Nzalang, which he said has a good foundation that led them to the quarterfinals in 2012, to the semifinals in 2015, and that the team should be cheered so it reaches the final in the next championships in which it participates.

Text: Javier Hernandez
Photos: Mansueto Loeri Bomohagasi (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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