CAN 2015: Gabon loses 1-0 against Congo Brazzaville

In the second match of Group A, played in the Nkoantoma Stadium of Bata, the Panthers of Gabon lost a match in which they had many opportunities, but which was decided by a repeated error of the Gabonese defense.

The match began with domination by Gabon which, at ten minutes of play, already had its first clear chance, when a great shot from Bulot from outside the area was cleared to corner by the goalkeeper Mafoumbi.

The domination of the Gabonese was complete as they had various clear occasions at the feet of Evouna, Madinda and of their captain Aubameyang, who kicked with strength a direct foul that was cleared by the goalkeeper from the Congo.

The Gabon Panthers deserved to reach half time with advantage in the scoreboard, but the merits of the goalkeeper Mafoumbi and the errors of the forwards from Gabon impeded the score from moving.

As soon as the second part began, in a corner launched by Congo, a chain of errors of the rearguard occurred, which left Oniangue alone to shoot and he made the only goal of the match. From that time, Congo limited itself to defending the result and to seeking the counterattacks with their star Thievy.

Gabon continued attacking and had the clearest occasion of the match at the feet of Bulot, who with the goalkeeper beaten, shot the ball brushing the post. The offensive continued and Madinda had two new chances, but Mafoumbi avoided what would have been the tying goal.

With this victory Congo Brazzaville placed as first of the group with four points, followed by Gabon with three, Equatorial Guinea with two and Burkina Faso closes the group with one. In view of passing to quarterfinals, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea will play for one of the spots that give option to passing, and the other will be for Congo Brazzaville, who just needs a tie or loss by less than three goals against Burkina Faso.

Text: Javier Hernandez
Photos: Miguel Angel Andjimi (D. G. Base Internet) and Javier Hernandez

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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