CAN 2015: Richard Liot Backer, father of Chuku Chuku

The mascot of our championship has an author: the graphic designer Richard Liot Backer: “I wanted the mascot to be warm and independent, but always on alert.”

A few days ago, Chuku Chuku, the friendly mascot of the African Cup of Nations CAN 2015 was presented to the public. It is a well-known mammal for all Equatorial Guineans, a porcupine, a small rodent typical of the forest, which has now become a delightful football player with a mane of multicolored spikes.

The graphic designer Richard Liot Backer, of the Urban Perception studio in Amsterdam (Netherlands), was the creator of the cartoon that will be present at every match, and that in the coming days will come to televisions across Africa. “I think Chuku Chuku has a great similarity to Equatorial Guinea itself. The porcupine looks like a small and vulnerable animal; however, it has a good defense with its spikes, which are put on alert if someone threatens it. It’s not easy prey. The same as Equatorial Guinea, which seems at first glance a small country, but it actually has a good ability to fight and defend itself.” Liot also explains that he wanted to give Chuku Chuku a warm and independent personality, but to be awake and alert. “I hope the people of Equatorial Guinea like and adopt it as the national mascot.”

The Urban Perception studio has worked for major firms for fifteen years; it has worked on the projects for the Government of the Netherlands, ING Bank, Boer & Croon and Punto Azul, among others. It was also responsible for the visual brand for the introduction of the Euro in the Netherlands.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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