CAN 2015: The Nzalang Nacional continues its work agenda

On the morning of January 18, the Nzalang Nacional continued its work, with the first training session after the game against Congo Brazzaville. The team was also visited by the President of the FEGUIFUT, Jorge Andres Mbomio.

The coach of the Nzalang Nacional, Esteban Becker, organized a regenerative training session for the players who participated in the match against Congo Brazzaville, and a heavy one for those who did not participate, in order for everyone to be at the same level for today, Monday.

The atmosphere in the group is excellent and after the small disappointment of the draw at the initial match against Congo Brazzaville, when the game was practically won, they are all working with their greatest effort with an eye on the match against Burkina Faso, which will be a new opportunity to show the competitive level of the group.

Also on January 18, the President of the FEGUIFUT, Jorge Andres Mbomio, went to the restaurant La Corisqueña, where he had a cordial meeting with the players, during which he conveyed his congratulations for the match against Congo Brazzaville and urged them to double their efforts to attain a victory in the next match.

Mbomio also told them that the incentives are maintained in accordance with the agreements made and that they have the full support of the people, that on January 21 they will once again fill the Nkoantoma stadium, and it should take them to victory.

Text and photos: Javier Hernandez

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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