CAN 2015: Tie between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo

The match of the first round of Group B of the African Cup of Nations took place on January 18 at the Stadium of Ebebiyin. At this match, the national teams of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo faced off and tied at one goal.

As in the opening matches of Bata, the public has responded positively to the holding of the Cup, and filled the Ebebiyin stadium to host the first matches of Group B.

In the match between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Zambians could not have started out better, since after three minutes they inaugurated the scoreboard thanks to a goal from striker Singulama, who took advantage of a mistake on the opposing team.

From that moment on, the national team of the Democratic Republic of Congo began to attack the goal of Zambia, who waited to counterattack to try to finish the match off. After playing 30 minutes, a pass from the Congolese Mpeko is deflected by the defense and the ball comes to Bolasie, who shoots a great shot that the Zambian goalkeeper Mweene rejects.

Congo had the control of the game, but made too many technical errors. Before halftime, a powerful header from Mbokani is saved by the keeper of Zambia, which continues to make futile attacks against their goal.

In the second half, a play by Bolasie reaches Mbokani, who with his back to the goal turns and shoots a nice shot that goes over the bar. Congo turns against the goal of Zambia, and after 66 minutes, in a mistake by the Zambians, the ball reaches Bolasie, whose shot, after bouncing off the goalkeeper ends up at the back of the net.

Until the final whistle, there were new attacks by Congo that do not achieve their objective. Zambia got ahead in the scoreboard very soon, defended that goal with intensity, and the prize is a tie against a team of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, that however, was superior.

Text and photos: J. Hernandez and Pilar Ayecaba

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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