Cano Sport Academy Signs Collaboration Agreement with Boavista FC

The signing of this agreement between the Director General of the academy, Venancio Tom Ndong Micha, and the President of the club, JoAPound o Loureira, took place in the Hilton Bisila Hotel, Malabo on Sunday, 15th July.

With the objective of promoting the athletes in the Equatorial Guinean academy Cano Sport, a series of negotiations took place with different international football organisations that were also conducted months ago with Boavista FC.

As a result of these negotiations, a partnership and collaboration agreement was signed between the two sports organisations. Following the speeches by the Director General of the academy and the President of the Portuguese club, the members of both organisations proceeded to sign the agreement.

While congratulating the management of the academy, Ndong Micha highlighted the importance and the objectives set by Cano Sport Academy: Our objective is to sign cooperation agreements that benefit the growth of our club and the number one sport in our country. Boavista FC is one of the best sports clubs in Portugal, so it’s an honour to have such agreement with one of the presidents from this club.

First of all, JoAPound o Loureira appreciated the Equatorial Guinean’s hospitality and the necessary steps taken by Cano Sport Academy: Cano Sport is an academy where young promising players are discovered for football and sport in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and I had the opportunity to visit the premises and to see them play. The agreement that we have signed today is for a mutual and long-lasting cooperation”.

The meeting was attended by member of the Boavista FC Supervisory Board, Jose Pedro Pais, the Director of Cano Sport Institutional relations, Ernesto Abeso Abeso and the Director General of Sports, among other sports personalities.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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