Caritas Felices Association receives donation from Malabo Rotary Club

On 12th February, Malabo Rotary Club met at a hotel in Malabo, where it gave a significant donation to the non-profit organisation Caritas Felices, within the framework of its “Reading, Yes thanks” programme.

It was the vice-president of the Caritas Felices Association, Josue Esono EdA�, who received the donation from the hands of the acting president of Malabo Rotary Club, Juan Manguire, in the presence of the Governor of district 9150, to which Equatorial Guinea belongs, Anna Kemajou Nkodia. The donation of the first five shelves will be used on one of the main programmes of the association, the reading promotion programme “Reading, Yes thanks”.

This programme, the aim of which is to take reading to pupils in primary and secondary school in the whole of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and which enjoys the support of the United States NGO Books for Africa, thanks to which Caritas Felices has been able to bring to the country over 60,000 reading books for children, began distributing books at the end of 2018, with donations to various schools in Centro Sur.

Along these lines, the donation by Malabo Rotary Club will complement the efforts of this young association, led by Maria JesA�s Evuna, who could not attend the event. Shortly these shelves will go to one of the designated schools in the capital of the nation.

According to words from the vice-president of Caritas Felices, it is hoped that there will soon be additional donors and sponsors, in order to be able to continue to contribute to the efforts of the Government to bring the healthy habit of reading to young ones in the country. This will not only contribute towards reducing failure at school, but will also help to promote the curiosity, knowledge and imagination of the young ones.

This event highlighted the extensive solidarity that players in civil society selflessly show, in favour of the common good. It is a reflection of a united country, which is concerned about the children, as they are the future of the nation.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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