Case against SOMAGUI FORESTAL, EDUM and SOCAGE remitted for sentencing

The oral and public proceedings against the companies SOMAGUI FORESTAL S.L., EDUM S.L. and SOCAGE S.L., under the accusation of corruption, misuse of public funds, unlawful appropriation and the abuse of social assets, held on 8th June, at the Palace of Justice at Malabo II, in which both the public ministry and the defence lawyer asked for the free absolution of the accused, has been remitted for sentencing.

The representatives of the three companies, Amadeo Oluy Nkisogo, Luis Ndong Bakale Bilogo and Ambrosio Oburu Ekong, in the position of provisional freedom for damaging the interests of the Equatorial Guinea Public Administration, were defended by the lawyer Pascual Nsue Eyi Asangono.

The Chief Prosecutor from the Bioko Norte Provincial Court, Rafael Ondo Nguema, after hearing declarations from the accused, declared that: “with attention to the defendants and the known evidence, this public ministry does not find evidence of any offence…These companies carried out activities legally in the country”.

For Ondo Nguema , the three companies “won their work contracts and executed them faithfully”, while he recalled that “after analysing the crimes mentioned here, I have found that there is no punishment necessary; in conclusion, the public ministry requests absolution, as no criminal rationale can be found”.

For his part, Pascual Nve Eyi, who requested full absolution for his defendants, reminded the court that “only public functionaries can commit the crime of misuse of public funds”, and added that “as my clients are director generals of trading companies, they cannot be the authors of a crime which can only be committed by functionaries; as a consequence, I ask the court to absolve them from the said crime, as they do not meet the requirements which define and punish the crime under our current Penal Code”.

For Sergio Esono Abeso Tomo, representative of the interests of the Vice-president of the Republic, Charged with Defence and State Security, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, “now is the time and we are happy that, once and for all, an investigation and a public trial can be held where it can be shown that the companies were contractors for State work through GEOPROYECTOS”.

Esono Abeso maintained that “it is normal that being trading companies, there are annual meetings of partners or shareholders, and profits are shared out. There are contracts which can be verifies, in which the service orders date from 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2009, the period about which they are speaking in France”.

In addition, he concluded that the during the said period the Bata-Niefang and Mongomo-Ebebiyin roads were constructed, “clear proof that there was work, the work was carried out, and the contracted companies were paid. The shareholders have received their dividends, and it is normal that they can amass assets outside Guinea”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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