CEEAC meeting on validation process for Gender Policy

Experts from almost all member States of the Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC) met in conclave in the capital of the Republic of Rwanda, as a prelude to the meeting of ministers responsible for gender and women’s empowerment.

The meeting which took place in Kigali, in the Republic of Rwanda, on 26th June 2019, is part of the validation process for CEEAC Gender Policy. The opening ceremony was attended by delegates from member States, the Representative from the Regional Office of the United Nations for Africa, the Central Office (UNOCA) and delegates from the CEEAC General Secretariat.

The meeting of experts aimed to review and validate the policy document on the situation regarding gender in Central Africa, and examine the state of the route map that consists in compiling practice regarding gender and preconceptions, and look at the degree of institutional and operative integration for the regional and national political commitments.

It is a challenge in which to measure up to what point the operational rules of CEEAC accompany the incorporation of the perspective of gender in all sectors, and its perspectives on identifying needs in terms of the advice, tools and skills which need strengthening within CEEAC and the member States in matters of gender.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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