Celebration of Francophonie Week in Cuba

French-speaking countries have celebrated Francophonie Week, and Cuba took part in the initiative with a programme underlining diversity within the group. The celebration went on until 26th March, with various artistic demonstrations, such as cinema showings, and exhibitions of dance, visual arts and music.

Francophonie is a current expression of an open, diverse and shared world, and the island of Cuba wants to be a part of it.

During Francophonie Week on the island, various shows and artistic exhibitions have taken place. The final phase of these activities was dedicated to the tasting of typical dishes, among them some from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, with the typical peanut soup, chocolate, vegetables, the famous pepesup, and boiled and fried banana, boiled yucca, and the traditional drink commonly known as malamba.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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