Celebration of International Women’s Day by Pan-African Parliament

The Pan-African Parliament marked International Women’s Day, on Thursday 8th March, at the headquarters of the institution in the city of Midrand (Republic of South Africa), which was attended by a group of women workers from the Equatoguinean diplomatic delegation in South Africa, led by the Adviser to the Embassy in Pretoria, Balbina Nchama Nvo.

The act began in the city of Midrand with a folk dance event and exhibition of craft products and materials created by African women promoting the cause of our continent.

I wish to use this moment to congratulate and welcome all women, those that are here today and those that are not here. These women workers who spend the nights at home looking after the children, the husband, the brothers and the families; but at the same time the following day, they work incessantly so that their countries, people and institutions can move forward. Congratulations on this day, I wish you all the best” said the Third Vice-President of the Women’s Board, Suilma Hay Emhamed Elkaid, during the opening ceremony.

The Adviser from the Equatorial Guinea diplomatic mission in South Africa, Balbina Nchama Nvo, in a interview with TVGE; underlined the importance of this day, and praised the laudable work being done by T. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Constancia Mangue de Obiang, without discrimination through race or tribe, for the cause of the empowerment of Equatoguinean women.

8th March is a memorable day for all women on an international level. For that reason we firstly send our congratulations to all women in Equatorial Guinea, especially to our First Lady Constancia Mangue, who gives her all for the women of Equatorial Guinea”, said Balbina Nchama Nvo.

Furthermore, she concluded by saying, On marking this date, it should be a day of inspiration and reflection for all women in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, to continue fighting for a society in which they occupy their legitimate place in the public and private sectors of our country”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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