Celebration of the II Anniversary of the creation of the Ombudsman

The second anniversary of the institution of the Ombudsman was held, a newly created body following the constitutional reform of 2011, with several activities organized for this purpose.

One of the most outstanding activities was the meeting that was organized between the Ombudsman and young students from different educational centers of the school district of Malabo.

Numerous students attended the meeting, where a speech was held by the Ombudsman, Marcelino Nguema, who, together with his closest collaborators and the staff, explained to the young people the process and the changes that have taken place in the Parliament after the last constitutional reform. Moment in which the figure of the Ombudsman was created, as High Commissioner of the two Chambers, the high and low, which also emerged with this reform.

This meeting was necessary, according to the Ombudsman, for the need to ensure that young people know about the existence of this institution, as well as their role. Youth, as heir to the management of the country and institutions, must have specific knowledge about the functions of each government body, especially new ones such as the Council of the Republic, the Economic Council and Social Regime and the Court of Accounts .

The students, on the other hand, raised diverse questions concerning, for example, the equitable distribution of the economic resources of the State, the construction of more public schools, and if there is a new strategy to alleviate the wave of delinquency that plagues the country .

The Ombudsman, to clarify the doubts, gave an explanation to all the questions and pointed out that the Ombudsman does not represent the Government, nor is it a judicial body, but a mediator. Dialogue is the protagonist in the exercise of its functions.

Marcelino Nguema also made several recommendations and invited to follow the program La Hora del Ombudsman, which is broadcast on Radio Malabo every Monday and Friday of each week.

At the event, different personalities participated in a round table on Equatorial Guinea Television, during which the Ombudsman function was widely reflected on.

This anniversary day concluded with a lunch that the staff shared with the students, and a family photo with the top picture of this institution.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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